Review: Brinyte DIV05 (dive light)

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Review: Brinyte DIV05 (dive light)

I'm pretty hyped about the Brinyte DIV05.    Tongue Out




Cost:  $34 - but fluctuates (Ali, MiC, Amzn, DGX).  see Brinyte's entire line: (Brinyte, Alibaba, MiC)

Construction: anodized "T6061" aluminum (most likely they meant 6060-T6 cf. wiki 6061)

Size: 135 x 40 x 35mm (length x head diameter x tube diameter)   
Imperial units: 5.3'' x 1.6'' x 1.4''                                          

Weight:  191g / 6.7 ounces (without battery).  238g / 8.4 ounces with battery


UI (User Interface):  Twisty (turn the head to turn ON/Off)

Powered by:  (1) 18650 Li-ion cell

LED:  (1) Cree XM-L U2 with smooth (SMO) reflector

ANSI Output:  600lm OTF;  8,800cd (candela)

Amp draw:  2.3-2.8A (advertised current draw varies depending on site)  I measured 2.78A at the tailcap

Burn Time:  1.5 hrs (advertised).  3 hrs with 3400mAh Panasonic (my results)

Working Voltage: 2.7- 4.2V

Depth rating:  200m (656ft)


Each Category gets a 1-5 star rating (*****)


**** UI (User Interface):  Twisty.  The light is operated by twisting the head.  I didn't give 5 stars because sometimes it can be harder to turn.  Edit: new dive light I received is easier to twist.

The head has some knurling, but I wish the grooves were deeper to provide better grip.  When the o-ring lube wears down it becomes harder to twist on & off.

  Notice the knurling


**** Design:   It feels solid in the hand, very robust.  It seems like you could throw this light down the street and pick it up and it would function like normal.  I wish I could do these torture tests for you guys, but I don't have the $$ to do that.  Undecided

My preference is for back-up lights w/out switches (magnetic switches are fine).  But regular switches can easily break when the dive light falls on the ground.  And if you periodically travel the light needs to handle the abuse of getting tossed around.

I don't care for the tint of the LED.  It has a cool white emitter and I can see some blueish tint in the beam when I compare it to my other dive lights.  But it's not so bad that I dislike the light, it's more preference.  I personally prefer a neutral tint like a 3C color temperature.  And there is no easy way to get to the LED to replace it.

The anodization isn't the quality of a light like the Light-For-Me mini back-up tec.  Whether the DIV05 is HAIII type anodization I don't know.  It has more of a matte black finish vs. the glossier finish on the mini tec or DIV03 (Cf. pic)

The length and LED tint is very close to the mini back-up tec (far right)... 

From left to right: Aleto 26650, Brinyte DIV05, LFM Mini tec

Rear attachment point for bolt snap

The DIV05 has 3 o-rings where the head separates from the body - usually I see 2 o-rings on most dive lights.


Unfortunately the DIV05 comes apart at not one, but two places, which is unnecessary because you can replace the battery where the head and tube come apart.   This is a problem because while your twisting the light head to turn it OFF you'll be gripping onto the tailcap end and this end can unscrew at the same time!  This is just another possible entry point for water to flood the light.

You can apply a little medium strength Loctite on the tailcap end so it won't screw off.  For permanent seal use Red Loctite.   Edit:  tailcap doesn't come off with new light I received.

There are two o-rings on the tube where the tailcap unscrews

Alternatively, you could use the tailcap end to turn the light On & Off.  But I prefer to permanently seal off that end, because it's easier for me to twist the head then the tailcap - there is just more surface area to grip on the head end.

They leave a spot blank so other sellers can laser engrave their company logo.   But you can add your own personal touch.   This one below is a Christmas gift for a fellow dive buddy. 

Edit: new one has Brinyte DIV05 logo

                                                        Merry Christmas David  Laughing  

Burn Time & Brightness:  3hrs with an unprotected 3400mAh Panasonic cell. 

Runtime is not very long, this is because of the driver.  On the other hand it's pretty bright with a Cree XM-L U2 drawing around 2.7 amps at the tailcap.  A diver will probably want to change out the cell every 1.5hrs to keep it bright.  So on typical recreational dives you could use this on two full dives.

As with all my dive light tests - runtimes are done in a tub of cold water.  I use a Panasonic cell.  These offer some of the best runtimes.  I stopped the test when I ran the cell down to 2.75V so I wouldn't damage the unprotected cell. 

I like to use unprotected cells when technical diving.  Protected cells will cut off when they run down to their cut-off voltage (~2.7V).  And I don't want my light going out if I'm inside a wreck or cave just to preserve the battery.

Lumens are 600lm with 8,800cd (candela) for throw, using a Cree XM-L U2 emitter.

See Beamshot Comparisons:  vs. Aleto 26650    vs. Brinyte DIV03

***** Value:  I think this is a super deal - Solid light.  Very dependable.   Decent brightness without modification.  Simple twisty activation.   Single battery operation.   Because of these features it's one of my favorite back-up dive lights.   Smile

Other sellers:  There is also a Securitylng seller (eBay, Ali, Amzn).  I received this version from Amazon and it appears identical in both appearance and beam.  I know they state 2.2A for the operational current, but I couldn't notice any decrease in brightness.

Ordering experience through Alibaba:  My first time ordering was kinda awkward...  I opened a chat session and asked for the cost shipped to USA.  They gave me a price then sent me a PayPal address to send them money.  So I sent the ~$36 and waited. 

For shipping I think I asked for China air (cheapest).  About 5 weeks later I received the light.  It took longer then normal because I ordered it right before National Day.  But after receiving the light it has performed flawlessly.

Conclusion:  If you think you like this type of user interface (twisty) then I highly recommend the DIV05.  I think it will last you a long time as long as you take care of it.  I have no reservations taking this cave diving or beyond 150ft depth.

This is one of the best all around dive lights.

I rate this  Cool   

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Thanks for the review! I really like the look of that light!

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I also have what appears to be the Aleto which I got from Meritline for $20. It’s been reviewed pretty thoroughly I did the pill mod to improve the thermal transfer. This light has been on several dives and is fine. I do like the ability to take a 26650 though I would have been fine with a 18650 so far.

How would you compare the 2 lights?

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flydiver wrote:
I also have what appears to be the Aleto... How would you compare the 2 lights?

Both lights use a Cree XM-L emitter.  Aleto = T6 brightness bin.   DIV05 U2 brightness bin.  (cf. wiki brightness bins)

my latest tailcap current measurements:    Aleto:  2.8A           DIV05:  2.78A  -  so basically the same amperage draw.


Talking about Beam Profile (hotspot vs. spill).   Outside the Aleto has a really bright hotspot and can throw further, while the beam on the DIV05 seems to have more lumens in the spill.

Beamshots:  Aleto 26650 vs. Brinyte DIV05 (mouse over)

Tint:  The DIV05 has more of a cool white tint.


Li-ion Cells:  With the powerful 26650 the Aleto also stays brighter longer.   The DIV05 uses the very popular 18650. 

I will use the Aleto as a canister light replacement for shorter duration dives.  But the DIV05 I would not - it's strictly a back-up to me, though still bright.


Turning On & off:   I can switch the Aleto on and off with one hand, but the DIV05 twisty takes 2 hands.


Durability:  we know that the Aleto's switch parts will rust out after multiple uses in saltwater.   DIV05 - Other than the issue I mentioned in the review (about using thread Loctite on the tailcap) you should only have routine o-ring maintenance - I don't foresee any issues with this light.  It has a very solid feel to it.