Anyone use Miniinthebox?

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Anyone use Miniinthebox?

Has anyone ordered from Miniinthebox and gotten good results? I'm looking to other sources since MF is down and FT is unreliable lately. I made a small order via Miniinthebox yesterday with a few items:

  1. 2x iPhone-style paper notepads
  2. A corn-shaped pen
  3. A single E12

All three of these items were advertised as "Ships within 24 hours" and they seem to be serious. I ordered yseterday at 9:41 AM and received a shipment confirmation email at 5:22 PM the same day. It's a small low-cost order so no tracking number though...

<Edit>Received today, 12-23-13. Pretty decent turnaround for this time of year. Package arrived in a sturdy cardboard box instead of the usual pre-crushed yellow padded envelope. So far, good results!

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