Continued from here : 

I was challenged to mod a ITP A1 to XM-L , initially I resisted as the difficulty factor was above Normal , but then reconsidered as I thought it might be time to rise to a new level ... 

To say it was interesting , is a understatement ...

Lets try some pictures 

Here is the XM-L U2 on a 10mm board mounted in the pill ..

It lives ... 

Emitter is ever so slightly off center 

ITP pictured next to my A20 XM-L T5 

Wall Shot ...

Low mode 

Medium mode 

High mode 

The beam is soooo smoooth , so floody , by no means a thrower , but it just pumps light , and from such a small package . 

Well , dont be-leave the Lumen output , but the light box says : 

Low 80L , Med 400L , High 800L but fades to 730 within 10 seconds ..

This is a very small host for a XM-L mod , but on low and medium it just rocks hard , on high its just insane , but sure does help with the bragging rights . 
Heat will be a problem on high , and the longer you run it , I would expect continued output sag . 

I just hope the owner is happy with his modified ITP .