Ugh! Lost my EDC!

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I would still be very upset if I lost it though, as there is a lot about this that has sentimental value of sorts, while it might be replaceable, it wouldn’t be the same. And there can only be one first one-of-a-kind. Anything else is just a copy. lol

Glad you found yours, I thought for a moment there we were about to see a typical BLF moment of kindness…..

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Geez! Now tonight I almost lost my EDC knife! We walked out of a restaurant and my 8 year old daughter says "what's this" pointing to my knife barely hanging on a thread of her coat! I was like "WHEW!" (Her coat had been hanging on my chair in the restaurant.) Maybe clipping things to my pockets isn't such s good idea after all! I mean, I never ever lost my Swiss Army Knife that I carried for years. 

(Current EDC knife is a Kershaw Volt ii I paid about $28 for.)


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These things come in three's

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lanyards. lanyards and clips are your friends

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gords1001 wrote:
lanyards. lanyards and clips are your friends

lanyards keep breaking Sad
the one that came with my digital camera is still going 9 years later, but flashlight ones last a month or two, i have damaged some lights because of lanyard failure.

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