Switch on Zebralight SC-31W is too soft to prevent pocket activation

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Switch on Zebralight SC-31W is too soft to prevent pocket activation

Love the size and output of this light—but had to stop pocket carry due to
too many ( sometimes painful!) accidental activations.
Dont want to mess with electronic switches—does anyone know a way to stiffen the switch?

I was also thinking about attempting to add a “riser ring” around the switch circumference to enclose the switch a bit more to prevent activation.

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This may interest you…

Or (if you can drill & tap Al) you could relocate the clip so that when it’s hanging, the switch no longer mashes into whatever is turning it on now.

Just thinking out loud…

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A lockout by 1/4 turn unscrewing of the tailcap will fix it, if this is not an option the glueing of some sort of riser ring around the switch would work good too. Seen it done before, stainless steel would look pretty… Smile

I do the tailcap lockout on most of my lights as my 3 year old daughter has the annoying habit of shining lights into our faces…

She´s got her own pink Thrunite Ti though, good for when she looks for toys that rolls under the sofa. Smile

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Ive had a zl h31 for about 2yrs and always have to lockout the tailcap to avoid the well known unwanted pocket activation. After many tests i found that static was a problem as well as the lite touch ui switch. Tested in my track pants front pocket , placing the switch up, carefully not to bump or touch the switch it turns on. After a couple of mins if i place my hand into my pocket before i even touch the light, it comes on. I like the light pressure of the h31 switch compared to my sc52 which has never turned on by itself. The h31 was my edc for over a year and if it wasnt for the unwanted turn on it was close to perfect.

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