2 L3 Illuminations L10s... What the @&%$!

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2 L3 Illuminations L10s... What the @&%$!

Hey flashlight-friends,

Hope you all had a good Christmas (Christian or not). And here’s to a great New Year!

Now, down to business: I normally EDC a Zebralight SC52. But, it’s getting banged-up and gunked-up at work, so I wanted a work light that had good functionality yet wasn’t so pricey that I’d flip out over it getting thrashed. After searching the webs I got tipped off to the L3 Illuminations L10.

Seems just what I needed, so I bought 2 (1 for a belated Xmas gift) with the XP-G2 led. I ordered them from SBFlashlightes, and I have to say the shipping was phenomenal – Ordered Xmas night and got them today. 2 day process!

Anyway, I opened them both to test them and make sure everything was kosher (Jewish or not) before sending the one out as a gift. Lo and behold, the tints and beam shapes are very different. I tested them against the 52 ‘cause it has a cool white emitter and one closely matches, one does not!

Have pics but can’t upload – don’t understand the “image URL” thing. But suffice it to say the goofy one is VERY purplish and ill defined. Is this normal?

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The “image URL” is to enter the direct address to an image hosted elsewhere (like imageshack). There are no images actually uploaded or stored on BLF.

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my L10 probably has the finest tint and smooth beam of my (not so many) lights

great creamy stuff, love it

contact Jake at SBFlashlights I am sure he'll set this right for you


- Gergely