Google is omnisciente, but you heard it first on BLF

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Google is omnisciente, but you heard it first on BLF

Well, if you didn't know this already, Google knows everything about you. Check out what appeared in my Google News "Open Source Software" section...

How in the world did they know this article would interest me???

Great to see that these guys are getting exposure. And we have one of the masterminds of this product right here on BLF. Pretty cool stuff.

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"the cadillac of flashlights" ? programmable, rechargable 18650 XM-L seems more in the Lotus category, no?

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Lotus? A lotus would be a single mode XM-L pocket rocket powered off a 16340. The hexbright reminds me more of a jag or merc bmw, with all the features. (btw i have no experience with american cars, so im going by the australian market here)


Or maybe more of a kit cruiser.

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