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DBCstm wrote:
Didn’t spend much time on it either, the 32 Ford was at a different angle, made it a bit tough. If I’d kept the Maxwell radiator there wouldn’t have been much engine showing, so I went with the Ford front end and lights. Smile Started to put some big tires in back as well, lol Maybe I should have overlaid plaid onto the red paint? Silly Paisley?

Don’t remember ever seeing a plaid hot rod before…

That looks horrifying. Like if I somehow got forced into driving it then I would drive it off a cliff, horrifying.

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All you need now is some corporate sponsors, say Acme, BLF and Duff Beer

This has become my favourite thread, every ridiculous suggestion i make gets implemented!

The Journal of Alternative Facts

"It is critical that there is a credible academic source for the growing and important discipline of Alternative Facts. This field of study will just keep winning, and we knew that all the best people would want to be on board. There is a real risk in the world today that people might be getting their information about science from actual scientists."


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I actually started to put Pilot PTK’s light bar on the front and thought that was going too far.
Thought about doing the Budweiser banner on the door, maybe having the car pull the coach instead of the draft horses, like they’re in the field watching the car take over. Smile

If the Senior MRsDNF wasn’t so tall, I’d have chopped the convertible top…

Decided Paisley would get banned.

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DBCstm wrote:
Don’t remember ever seeing a plaid hot rod before…

Awww… you didn’t even rotate the plaid layer to match the angle of the car? No plaid on the wheels? ;P

I figured that would be low-hanging fruit compared to the other image mods, even if it requires the perspective tool instead of a simple rotate. It makes me sad I won’t have time to mess with gimp this week; too busy with a work sprint.