Flat top battery adapter

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Flat top battery adapter

Have flattop batteries that won't work in a flashlight or any other device



Looks pretty easy to fabricate these as well...maybe a neat DIY project

Perhaps with a sheet of 1/16 (0.0625) acrylic sheet and a hole saw and a few of these

Brass snap buttons

No need to solder a big ole blob on a flattop

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Clever. I don’t have anything that won’t take a flat top and all of my 18650s are flat, but those look handy to keep around. I’ll have to see what I can come up with when I get back home. A thinner adapter that could be heat-shrinked to the battery semi-permanently would be easy to make and quite useful for a lot of us here that use flat pack pulls.

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Or you can buy 50 magnets for the same price?

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You can cut a disk out of a soda bottle cap, make a hole in the center & epoxy a magnet in.

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You can put solder blobs on in about 4 seconds each .

Scuff the tops add flux and drop a blob ..next

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Boaz wrote:

You can put solder blobs on in about 4 seconds each .

Scuff the tops add flux and drop a blob ..next

it took you 4 seconds to drop the solder blob? :bigsmile:

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I’ve used both the magnet and the blob of solder (preferred) method with great success. Nice to know that there is yet another option available though.