Winner Announced: SolarStorm L3 Giveaway

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Winner Announced: SolarStorm L3 Giveaway



Congrats junkiexl!!

If you could PM Banggood your shipping details, that would be great!

Thanks to those who’ve participated and thanks BG for the generous prize. Smile


Hey guys, here’s another giveaway! The prize is the SolarStrom L3 7x XM-L.


Who: Any BLF member with 25+ posts. If you join BLF because of this giveaway, you need to promise to come back even after the giveaway has ended! The winner will be selected via and is encouraged to make a review of the light.

What: The prize is the SolarStorm L3 7x XM-L, provided by Banggood.


(1/26/14 12:00PM KST)

Where: Right here at BLF! The winner will be picked via


Please describe the last time you used a flashlight.
Your post number is the ticket number, so please one post per member. Have fun! Wink

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Im in.

Yesterday evening. Typical night walk on standard route. Instead of comparing my two latest C8 mods (4,5A Qlite and direct drive East 092) with 20R cells, I put in a Keeppower Protected 18650 in both of them to keep them more similar (and both below 4,5A). 

I also used my new custom MRsDNF light attached to my keychain a little bit..

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I’m in too!

The last time I used a flashlight was to light up a totally dark room in Uganda (which was last week). Used a Shiningbeam Caveman and then a Convoy S2.


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This morning; getting up and walking down some stairs. It’s still pretty dark here in the mornings around 6AM. Instead of using the house lights, I have been using flashlights to get around in the dark. My light of choice is the Jetbeam RRT-01 variable brightness.

It’s perfect since it starts off in low and I can turn up the brightness to a comfortable level. With only a control ring to twist, it makes for easy operation with one hand. I thought the control ring was a bit loose when I first got the light, but now I think it’s just perfect because of how easy it is to operate.

Thanks ryansoh3 and Banggood for sponsoring such awesome contests/giveaways as of late.

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Count me in, please.

Just now I used my flashlight to read small letters in my medicines’s literature.

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This afternoon; searching the back of a kitchen unit with a Fenix MC11 for the right flavour soup!

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earlier today looking for a tiny screw I dropped on the kitchen floor.

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Count me in Wink
Last time I used my Convoy S2 on my bike, nice and floody flashlight.

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a couple of hours ago, used my olight A3T to find a washer and screw on the floor

i’ve been wanting a 5+ emitter flashlight, so i wouldn’t mind getting this one :bigsmile:

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I’m in!
I used my Convoy S4 last night to check on the contents of our moving truck. I’m helping a friend move from Santa Fe, NM to St. Paul, MN and we are currently in staying in Denver, CO.


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I’m in, Thanks!
Last time was yesterday. I used my Convoy L4 for a night patrol at work.

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I was using my Convoy S8 to repair a tub for squeaking. I cut out the drywall and used the S8 to see where the problem was and added shims on the top of the tub supported by the horizontal 2×4.

Ohh, please count me in to this great giveaway.

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Used my 16340 Bullet Light to check the mailbox late last night Smile

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I’m in!

Last night I used a Solar force L2P while I was taking my dog for a walk.


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I actually used ALL my lights today to test out my new luxmeter! Silly

Thanks for doing this giveaway, I’ve always been intrigued by the L3 but not enough to actually shell out the money for one.
Fingers crossed!

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WOW !! Nice giveaway !! Many thanks 1

Last night – as every night – going for sleep i used my Olight S10 walking in the house and did not want to turn on the lights… And also i tsecked for any pigeon in the balcony with my Xeno F7….

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I have yet to own a Solarstorm! Count me in!

I slept with them in my arms… LOL


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Count me in!

The last time I used a flashlight was last night (as every night) to prepare for my ten month daughter her milk.

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woo hoo another cool giveaway at BLF..count me in!! Beer Beer
last time I used the flashlight? every night shining the perimeter of the house with Mod’ed TR-J18 before I go to bed :bigsmile:

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After the bus, on the way back home, at the barely lit up back alley, around 3-4 mins walk with my trusty EDC, Convoy S2 on Medium till reach my gate.

Thanks for doing this giveaway Ryansoh3, 화이팅!

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Nice Solarstorm give away:)
I use my headlamp every day to push scooter my dog while on a run.

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What irony. I just finished cleaning up my tools using skyray king as ceiling bounce light.

Count me in.

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last time was before going to bed, using a flashlight that can tailstand to have a dim light on low mode (that is diffused on the ceiling).

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Nice light and thanks for the give away!

I used mine this morning walking the dogs (predawn).

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I am in thanks

last time i used a light was last night looking for the remote under the couch

Would you mind keeping the wrong flashlight?
Best wish, May
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Soumil wrote:



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Count me in too!

Used my DQG 26650 today for lighting up the dark hallway of my jobsite!

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I`m in! Last time I used flashlight, was couple days ago, when searching for coins under my bed! Smile

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I used my stock BTU Shocker to blow my friend’s mind at 4.6A of ridiculous current.

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Just a few minutes ago, playing with my RGBW light in violet mode outside, which makes shades of red appear very intense. 

Great gieaway, thanks! 

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Tucking in my 2 yr old girl. We played with the flashlight on the way up the stairs to her room the whole way. Then after a kiss good night she tells me..“My light Dada, My light” I tell her no Dada’s light…..I get “ohhhhh….okayyy, my light dada!”

She does have her own light

playing with flashlights with the kids is actually how she discovered her shadow. That was so cute and so much fun

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Last time I used a light was a convoy (don’t remember the number, a cylindrical one) five minutes ago, trying to find my baby’s pacifier under the sofa; there were three of them there, good catch