anybody like weapon lights? share some pics

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anybody like weapon lights? share some pics

first off i dont use this for hunting i know it’s illegal but i go out at night to shoot my bow in my backyard because all the neighbors have kids and it’s the only time there not scurrying around. my little ultrafire sk-68 with a duralock Ni-MH in it looks right at home and is great for seeing what your shooting both close and afar i have a few others but i like the sk-68’s size and power plus the zoom comes in handy

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Probably the only Surefire light I’ll own from this point forward. Fitted with a make-unkown drop-in putting out 250 lumens. When the CR123s give up the ghost I have two Sanyo 16650’s ready to go. Smile

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I’ve got a few weapons, but no lights on them. AR-15, HighPoint 9MM carbine, and about 10 others. I think they’d be handy for 4 legged critters if they were legal in Michigan, but for other critters I’d just as soon not show where I’m at. I do have Crimson Trace laser grips on a KelTec P3AT, and a Bersa Thunder and something else I can’t remember at the moment. I also have a cheapo laser on the HighPoint carbine which is good fun. I’ll post some pics if lasers count? And you need a laser on that bow of yours. Not for sighting, but to burn the hair off your legs.. Silly
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I know it’s not an AA Light but this is my current setup. I used a P60 for years but this last 4th of July we had a highly impaired man try to enter our home and my wife was behind me (I had my carbine) with her hand gun and a EA4 and the strobe really helped disorient the perp so I switched over to using this quark tactical set to turbo & strobe. Ive got an E series gear sector mount on back order, should fit the .8” quark body without the spacer I’m using in this VLTOR scout mount.

 photo FB01CA0C-8AC8-44F6-A60F-6AEB3835CED6_1.jpg

The carbine is a colt 6920 upper on a DPMS lower (I registered the colt lower as a SBR then ended up selling it as such). 16” barrel w/ CAR length gas system, Rock river free float, ACE entry stock, BCM spring kit, springco white buffer spring/H2 buffer) EOTech 511, phantom comp, cut down AFG, raptor charging handle, shaved FSB w/ magpul BUIS’. I’m sure I’m forgetting other spec’s at the moment. I keep two spares in the grip.

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Savage model 10 predator .243, medium contour bull barrel, 1:9.25 twist, accutrigger, accustock, d-mag, Nitrex by Weaver 6-20×50 AO scope, Best three shot group .458 inches. Small Sun ZY-T13, red XPE2 on copper sinkpad, driven at 1.5A, 51Kcd

same gun T20, red XPE2, over 24Kcd