Ultrafire LZZ- F13 variation from DX

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Ultrafire LZZ- F13 variation from DX

By DX, I received an F13 with the head without PILL bat with a XM-L2 Smile .
Everything else seems to me the same as the F13 that we know; I’ve already changed modified the driver to remove the memory

I also added the thermal paste

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I have ordered 2 pieces from WB last month and they have yet to arrive. I rather have the original pill than the XM_L2. I am going to swap it anyway.


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What size is the driver?  My F13 with a pill has a 20mm driver.

The low mode should be lower.

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Well that's interesting.  I suppose it's more like a "shelf" (full bottom under LED though) built into the head?  Wouldn't this be better for thermal management?  (Look like annodization should be removed though.)


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