SolarStorm Warrior Giveaway (Winner announced)

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My most memorable experience was the support for a member in his time of loss.

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Thanks for the giveaway!  My most memorable moment was probably getting in on E1320's custom driver UF2100 group buy - my first group buy and first customized light.  I was so excited to get it!


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Most memorable BLF experience was realizing that I could pop in a driver and emitter and create a much better light than what I purchased

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So far my most memorable BLF experience has been my warm reception into the forum. I’ve been a part of several forums but that was the only time I ever developed a smile in joining a forum.

Thank BLF & thx for the chance ryansoh3!


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My memorable experience is actually the experience of having a group who is so willing to answer questions for those who are in the beginning stages of learning about flashlights, batteries, chargers, etc.

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I am in!
I still remember a while ago a respected senior member passed away. Old lumen called for fund raise for the family. So many members contributed. It must have meant something.

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my most memorable moment was winning two giveaways at the same week, one is DST, the other is Ultrafire M5

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My first memorable moment was when I understood budget in the title meant I’d be way over mine ordering things. (just a redirect for now)

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was when I 1st stumbled upon it after searching for a more affordable flashlight that wasn’t touted by costly pricey forums!

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My most experience from BLF is when I bought a Fenix TK75 from one of the member from BLF for cheaper price than online store :D.

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My most memorable experience was turning on my XinTD C8 for the first time. Wow! Wouldn’t have bought it if it were not for BLF.

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My most memorable experience was when I stumbled on Foy's M6 and M8 reviews while actually searching for something else, and just realized instantly that this is a hobby I have to start immediately Big Smile

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Most memorable for me is first time participating on giveaway thread, and won a rattlesnake cord from Clipper. It shows there are lots of positive things around here accompanying giveaway precious knowledge and time to share Smile

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My most memorable experience was staying up for a Wallbuys Instant Kill promotion, prompted by BLF alert and actually getting my first decent 18650 flashlight, an Olight i6 for what I could afford!

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I’m in.

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Count me in.

My most memorable: (so far)

Shortly after getting some how re-infected with the flashfluenza virus (after 2 years healthy) I got obsessed with hd2010’s

Got my first one and was disappointed and posted a question in JohhnyMac’s thread. I ended up getting responses from several of BLF’s A-team. Johhnymac himself, Tom E and MRsDNF all jumped in.

Just awesome.

I’ve spent a ton of time on several of the biggest and best internet forums; cars, motorcycles, photography, R/C….etc. and BLF takes the cake.

What does that even mean? Where exactly does one take the cake?

And do you get to eat it too?

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Please count me in.

Most memorable experience was the Banning of


                                    Kreisler.   Surprised

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Awesome.  Thank you Ryansoh and BG again. 

My most memorable?  The mega DST thread.  It's what finally got me to join BLF.

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I’m in, thanks. I remember Don has been very informative at begging of BLF.

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my most memorable moment here was when u wan a giveaway, I was amazed of the generosity!


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Terrific Contest Ryansoh3 !!! 

And the contest ends on my Birthday ....(Happy Birthday to ME !!!!) 

There are so many.... Old Lumens paying respect for a member who passed, with many contributions from the forum.

JohnnyMac and his dog, Foy and his classic "sense" of Humor, Jack the clipper limericks, the many, many, many sharing of ideas and work arounds from forum members. The incredible hand crafted lights (Old Lumens, MrsDnf, and many others) 

SB and his countless hours to repair/replace and make new a forum that actually works. 

I came here looking to replace a mag light with something a little brighter ..... BOY did I get "Get Lucky"

You Bet ..... Please count me in !!!

Thank You 

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Thanks for the giveaway!
For me the most memorable experience is DrJones sharing his firmware for ATTiny13 drivers. I really appreciate that.

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I’m in. Thanks.

Most memorable experience here at BLF is probably when I lit up my cheap Ultrafire SK 96 for the first time after having added a 470 Kohm on top of the capacity of the driver, following this thread . Something magic happened : the dreadful “next memory mode” was gone for good, and the flashlight had become useful and nice.

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My two most memorable experiences must be the build from scratch contest (by Old-Lumens), and my custom light from MRsDNF.

Seeing a whole community get together around a contest to build unique flashlights is kinda amazing. And so was getting a light from MRsDNF. Smile


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I’m in! Thanks.

In general my best experience in BLF is to talk with people of all countries in the world about knives and flashlights, it is hard to find people that love that things and you can see how the people of different countries are very similar too.

My reviews about knives: :

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Thanks Ryan and BG. I’m in.

Man, I have so many memories here. I think I spend too much time on BLF.

All the awesome giveaways.
Don’s old assistant and the new ones.
E’s health trouble, probably from his cool custom drivers.
simpleman’s actual need for flashlights for his vision.
gords family unity
O-L being so darn nice giving things away that he ends up in the red every year.

a few scammers and spammers along the way that SB and we take care of.

I think for me my favorite so far has been getting a cell from mattthemuppet and a mag LED module from O-L and then making a crappy light into a useful one.

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participating in a group buy…

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My most memorable moment was when I realized that this forum is filled with really nice, generous, helpfull and very capable people with a dedication and love of flashlights. Big Smile

Great forum, amazing people! Thanks for the give away Ryan

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I’m in, thanks for offering this to the community!

Okay, reread the OP…my most memorable experience at BLF.

I’m pretty new here, but the UranusFire review and subsequent posts had me LOLing hard.

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The most memorable moment is when I discover the dedoming magic. :bigsmile: