SolarStorm Warrior Giveaway (Winner announced)

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Most memorable thread for me is OL’s thread on building your own copper star with copper and kapton tape. Although it is easier to use a premade board now, it can still be handy if you needed a custom size. It also is a great “educational” thread.

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Just learning everything about budget lights

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Foy’s review of the L2N. Made me buy the host. Smile

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Count me in.
My most memorable events were when I won an XTAR wk21 and also ordering a custom BLF Tank007.

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The Welcome I received when I joined.

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I'm in.

Sorry ryansoh3, I could remember the most memorable experience, because this is an awesome forum and I have every week some great experiences. Great reviews from other members,  nice comments for the own reviews, a lot of modding knowledge and helpfulness. I like this forum really much.

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Most memorable for me was finally moving from extra cheap sub $5 flashlights, after reading and lurking a lot to the real things like Convoy L4 Smile

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Over two years ago, I googled for latest LED light and found Don’s beamshot comparison in the woods. After picking up my jaw from the floor, I recollected myself and started reading BLF in more depth. Soon after I joined in the fun.

A lot of experience from BLF after that but the original still tops the list. Smile

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My most memorable is learning how to do my first tailcap spring copper braid.

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I'm in, how about this?

Old4570's Super Bright review? That my kinda budget?

Keepin’ the “B” in BLF

Don wrote:
It sounds like the XM LEDs won’t really be suitable for flashlight use. Pity…

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For me it has to be either Cone talking smack about something he didn’t want to supply pictures for, or the whole tacticool story/thread.

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When I learned the finer points of neutral and warm tints.

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My most memorable time with BLF is when I was looking for lights for volunteer first responders and found how helpful the people around here are.

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My most memorable moment was when I learned that LEDs could be dedomed to increase beam intensity.

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My most memorable experience was just finding this forum. I had tried a few that were slightly less than friendly, and I had no ‘finger on the pulse’ of what the problem was. This site became my ‘gateway’ to a modest flashlight addiction, starting with my venerable Romisen RC-N3.

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Most memorable was when I found this site where I can say I belong! Cheers! Beer

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Count me in. Smile
My most memorable day was first finding this Forum, and discovering there are others to collect or build lights as a hobby, and spending 4 hours browsing through the many topics and photos.

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My most memorable experience is very likely gonna be when I receive my first modded light from 18650 tomorrow!

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my most memorable experience was reading Match’s first emitter test results. maybe it is so memorable because I constantly reference those posts lol

The Burgh
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… is every time I have a question, an issue, am searching for a new light, etc..

Being new to the hobby, BLF has made it a whole lot easier and more fun. NOt sure if torches would still be a hobby for me without BLF!

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My most memorable BLF experience is when I won a light from MRsDNF’s 10000th post give-away which is still my favorite light to this day.

Thanks for a chance to win another fine light!

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Acquire more parts.

Devise cheap way to make TIRs.

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THanks for the give away

Many many things are very memorable here are a few off the top of my head

The help that is always available no matter how complex or silly
E1320 and his modding
Johnny Mac and his zombie light and his reviews
Old Lumens and his hand crafting abilities
KevinD and his colored led power houses
Matches builds and tests
The list just goes on and on

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Iam in

My most memorable moment was My first post in BLF : )

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Most memorable would be the crazy skills of the modders. Thanks for the giveaway!


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Don’t know of any forum with so many giveaways!
Thanks for yet another giveaway!

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My favorite thing about this forum is the kindness and generosity of the other members. You really can’t help getting involved and helping others out when you can.

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Thanks for the chance.

Most memorable moment was finding out how to reflow and getting it right first time :bigsmile:
Even get to do it again since I gave it to much power for the host to handle for an extended time, the led is now at an angle, presumably hopefully, the solder melted Party

Cheers David

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best moment I discovered the world of moding flashlights ,thanks for the give away.

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when i found this community. i didnt know there were other people like me (flashaholic), and so many people also!

thanks for giving away one of my top 3 favorite stock lights!

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The forum is great in general. Interactions here is great in general and a not too prominent admin throwing around bans and locking threads etc and acting not so NORMally…

Thanks for the giveaway!

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