SolarStorm Warrior Giveaway (Winner announced)

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I think I was pretty new when Wallbuys first opened and had their 50% off Fenix lights sale.

Nobody was sure what to make of it, and that was a weird roller coaster ride, things were wild and woolly for months.

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My most memorable experience was when I discovered the BLF and I started to read for my favorite hobby the flashlights. I have learned many things.

Thanks ryansoh3!

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my most memorable experience was when i first came here and saw that so many ppl around the world like flashlight. it was amazing.

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Count me in please! Smile

My most memorable experiences are:

1) When I won the Sky Ray S-R5 UV flashlight from DBCstm last June 2013;
2) When I won the flashlight parts from RaceR86 also last June 2013;
3) When I successfully did my 1st Mod last August 2013 – my K40 – with the help of our local experts like TomE, rdrfronty, Sirius9, texaspyro and you. Wink

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My most memorable experience on the forum was probably Bucket’s thread about how he made the Solarforce M8 finned copper pill, and then turned the mistake into an awesome matching finned pill for the Convoy C8. I also loved watching Bucket’s videos with his lathe. It seems that all the mods I want to do with lights, are going to require a lathe, so a I plan on buying a small lathe soon to try my hand at making some copper parts, and hopefully share some great pictures of them with you guys.

Not to mention, researching all the different budget lights, brought me to BLF by reading all the great reviews by Foy, relic38, the, and others.

I’d love to have this Solar Storm triple, as I have really been wanting a SRK, and would love to try and mod this light to see what it can do. I can’t find much info about the internals of this light, and I’d really like to see what the driver looks like.

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I get so much information about (what else?) lights and batteries right here on BLF.
My most memorable experience was when a BLF’er actually provided me with valuable information upon request.

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My most memorable experience was when i discovered BLF and read for first time a full review for a flashlight. It was an amazing experience for me to see how many people buckle with the items i love…
Thanks for the giveaway

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most memorable was feeling that i am not alone in this “i need one more flashlight” hobby

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Most memorable moment was seeing how bright modded BTU shocker could get, thanks to Tom E.

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Thanks, I’m in!
Not sure if it’s exactly a memorable moment, but when I discovered you don’t have to spend $$$ for a high output quality flashlight it made an impression on me

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You provide a lot of infos on how to mod these lights.
The most memorable events (are) when my first modded light came to life at around 220kCd,
and when i recently finished modding a 180$ Jetbeam M2S that was awesome.

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My best moment was getting in on the groupbuy for the Supfire M6. It was my first triple – Wow what a cannon!! Now I need to buy a lanyard for it.


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finding this forum and not having to go the another one

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Most memorable lately has been the HP laptop battery pack threads from that e-bay seller out of Maine. Saved me some serious $$ on 18650s, and got the cells I needed for lights and USB power banks quick.

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Best moment is every time i go to BLF-forums and read all the great reviews done by all the great members. Thanks.

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Count me in!
Most memorable moment will be, when I gonna win this giveaway.

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I think the surprise on my first purchases, finding out how bad Ultrafire 18650s were, then researching online and finding people into getting the most out of budget lights, without the attitudes I saw on CPF was most memorable to me. Smile

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Thank you Ryansoh and BG again.

My most memorable BLF experience is when I won a knife from one of many Old-Lumens giveaways.

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my most memorable moment was seeing all the lights in O.L.s contest. amazing work by everyone who participated!
thank you for the giveaway!

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Oh, nearly missed it.. That light is on my wish list Smile

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Well, scoring deals and getting great lights thanks to information here is the most awesome thing about this place, thats what I like here :D!

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What hasn’t been mentioned is taking others advice to run IMR batteries!
Put simply “awesome” “Blaze of glory!”

Worth mentioning:

$5 Thurnite TI deal [wish I ordered more than 1], the Uranus Fire name lol

Last the nasty MAP scandal that prevents me from obtaining more “objects of my affection”





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There are so many. Such great members, contests / giveaways that have been entertaining even without winning, many great builds, scratch build contest, a few community projects, flashlights in a block of ice.
The overall atmosphere. It encompasses all.

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Most memorable moment was one recent night when I helped a young lady change her separated tire on the roadside, and gave her one of my best BLF bargains—
a DX $8 16340 light. I know it will serve her well, and at a price that did not make me hesitant to give it away.
( she was making Ted Bundy jokes as I changed the tire lol)

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I´m in!

I remember one of those O-L´s mod, the maglite marathon Smile
Short time frame, lotsa mods to do, liked it!

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My most memorable experience was when I discovered Id joined the missing Roche f6 missing charger head club Smile

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My most memorable experience was when i registered in BLF!

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Putting a warrior on my bicycle helmet and filming a twenty mile ride at night in the woods for the first time. Looks different on film than the naked eye…….

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My most memorable BLF experience is when I won a DQG AAA/10440 Titanium from cnqualitygoods!

Thank you for the giveaway!

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My most memorable moment was when blf win a 007 M10 TANK Great