SolarStorm Warrior Giveaway (Winner announced)

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My most memorable moment was when as a noob I stumbled across Foys cache of SolarForce reviews. The pics and the great monologue were what reeled me in and similar reviews/stories have kept me coming back. :bigsmile: Thanks for another great give away!!!

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Just finding this forum.

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My most memorable BLF experience was the Wallbuys sale where things were 50% off and I actually scored a few lights. Best deal I ever got and I thank BLF for it. I wouldn’t have known about Solarforce, Fenix or a lot of other flashlight things without BLF. I would still be stuck buying $200 Surefires.

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It's not a specific situation,but BLF has been a great place to be with and talk to people that don't treat you like an idiot.There are knowledgable members here willing to help and answer questions.I am in for the giveaway please.

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I was lurking, and almost afraid (due to the many rules), to contribute to the other flashlight forum.

I was so happy to find the BLF. I do not own a Surefire, and see no reason to do so.

BLF fits me well.

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Working my way through my first mod that was plagued with issues, and with the guidance of many kind users I was able to learn a LOT and finally complete it. It happens to still be my favorite build.

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never win any giveaway but i’m in Smile

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I’m in.

Most memorable moment was checking the date on the post that had the tip of drawing with a pencil over capacitors on the driver to get rid of the dreaded “next mode”. I had to check that it wasn’t posted on April fool’s day Smile

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This is such a nice place with nice people. Pl count me in.

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me too Smile
my most memorable moments on blf were seeing match doing mods I thought were impossible, foy doing great reviews of solarforce and other nice lights, winning one giveaway and receiving hexbright flex and the flying flashlight (tricopter) which introduced me to a new hobby (I have a wltoys quad and building uav/fpv tricopter) Smile

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My most memorable experience so far has been the help and advice that i have had from several members here in helping me to choose my first 18650 flashlight. thanks to a few peoples stellar advice and information I was able to figure out what I wanted and where I wanted to get it from, and that just so happened to be from another member, RMM, so thanks again BLF.

thanks for doing a really generous giveaway. count me in!

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Hi Guys

My memorable experience was reading JohnnyMac’s review of this torch here

I then bought one from DealExtreme for around £25 inc postage for the FandyFire version, until the review I hadn’t seen one before and can say from my limited experience of multi emitter torches
that this is a very good torch much brighter than my earlier ebay “1000 lumen” zoomy torches.

This forum seems a great place for people that don’t want to spend £100 plus to get a good torch

Thanks for that review JohnnyMac

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My most memorable moment was to learn how bright of king..

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Winner: Our very own DrJones! Congrats, please PM BangGood your address!

Thanks for your participation guys!

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Congrats DrJones !

Thanks for the opportunity , ryansoh3



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Thanks Ryan and congrats DrJones. A truly worthy winner.


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Gratz, DrJones & tks, Ryan!

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Thanks Ryan and Banggood.


Just what the doctor ordered.

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Congrats DrJones.
Thanks Ryansoh3.

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Congrats DrJones.

Thanks Ryan and Banggood.