ebay.com dealer skylen2008 - AVOID

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ebay.com dealer skylen2008 - AVOID

Just in case this could help out even one member here:

This item: http://www.ebay.com/itm/SKYRAY-6500-Lumens-4x-CREE-XM-L-XML-T6-LED-Flash…


I fell for the “old – fashioned” with the seller.

Sells cheap 4-emitter, sends 3 emitter.

Demands for pics (sorting out customers who might not have camera or skills).

When I send it out, I had to ask a couple of times to cover shipping. I asked registered or unregistered: seller says UN-registered (fool me, dough…)

NOW I have no real evidence or tracking – seller naturally says “It has never arrived”

Stupid me to buy from ´bay at first place, double stupid to buy from dealer UNDER 1K feedback. Complete idiot sending without tracking even when I possibly would have covered it by myself.

Be Wiser than me!!!

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Your link isn’t working. Sad

But look at the hilarious seller responses to negative feedback:

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Mistakes are made, could have been an honest one with the 3 emitter sent.

Sellers always ask for proof of faulty item/wrong item.

I also wouldn’t dismiss the seller just because the return was said to never have arrived.

His response to feedback is the reason I would avoid him.

But the key issue here is Like you said, don’t send via unregistered… That’s essentially rule #1, 2, and 3.