Good source for used headlamps?

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Good source for used headlamps?

Have any of you found a good source for used headlamps (older technology)? Ebay doesn't seem to have a lot of used headlamps listed these days. Most everything is new merchandise put up for sale by retailers.

I guess maybe the shipping cost could make it not feasible for the buyer or seller as it concerns used headlamps since they wouldn't sell for much anyway.

However if anyone has seen used headlamps listed I'd like to hear of it. I do know about the marketplace at CPF and of course ebay.

In particular I was looked for the old original Petzl Tikka XP (and not the modern XP2). The XP had a max lumen of 40. It was pretty well designed though. It's not worth it (to me) to pay a lot for it since there are more modern headlamps that aren't too terribly expensive either (I have two new headlamps).

Someone told me a retailer fairly recently cleared out his old stock of Princeton Tec EOS (the old model at 25 lumens) for $9. There are two models since then with 50 lumens and the latest is 70 lumens (which I have).

This is the other model I'd be interested in used but since it was recently sold for $9 no one is going to have those up for resale I don't suppose.

I was just curious as to whether any of you had run across used Petzl XP or PT EOS older models.

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