10W LED comparison.

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10W LED comparison.

Ok, so i took a gamble and bought a Stanley HID, and the gamble turned out bad as the batt was shot when i received it last week and would not charge up. Sent it back for a full refund. That was nice.

So im moving onto an LED Spotlight.

What is the difference in these 2? Other then make, colour and price.



Or they have the 5W Stanley Fatmax on for 25 bux here at Wally world. Decent or the 10W that much better?

Or is there anything under $100 better for an LED spot or even a better HID with a Lithium batt and such i should be looking at?

Anything SLA batts for handhelds are junk IMO

Thanx fellas.

Ps, nice site you have here.

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