Your toughts as a DIY custom bike light

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Your toughts as a DIY custom bike light

Stumbled on this:

Might be the perfect host for triple XP-G R5. Any toughts?

kragmutt wrote:

They're gonna send you a green redcat with a black LED.

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It looks very nice.

I'm not super hot for the wiring of it(for use as-is), but if it's decently heatsinked(and not just thin aluminum shell) it would be awesome for modding into a bikelight. Only thing about these cheap chinese lights is that I never trust the AC=>DC converters, so I'd much rather use my own - but that's not a problem for you.

All that aside: I'll take my thinking hat on whether or not I want it. Right now I'm leaning towards buying. If I decide to buy it I'll take a ton of pictures and make a review when it arrives. Damn you money-out-of-pocket inspiring posts.

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It does look interesting enough. You might as well go XML and gain about 20% in lumens over XPG for the same amount of power. Lets hope the LED mounting plate is thick and makes good contact with the tube.

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How can you make DIY bike light?

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I used the single (750 lumen) emitter version as aux lighting on my UTV...with 50mm aspheric. The host is billet built with enough metal in the mounting plate for just about any emitter you fancy, and it's completely waterproof.

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madzedong wrote:

How can you make DIY bike light?

Well, you could try asking these people: