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Ejected Filament wrote:
likevvii wrote:
Do you think MTN will ever be able to do free shipping?

Can you do FREE shipping?

Considering MTN are in the US, any free shipping would require it to be built into the price anyway. Unlike the Chinese businesses that have postage subsidised heavily.

Exactly. Postage in Canada and the US has gone up dramatically in the recent past – there ain’t no ‘cheap’ anymore, much less ‘free’. If the Chinese sellers were on a level playing field we’d not be getting the bargains we have been.

In Canada, $12 is pretty well the minimum for any parcel now shipped point to point within Canada. I haven’t sent anything to the U.S. recently, but I doubt it’s any less.

Let’s face it, our flashlights are 90% luxury anyway – I don’t mind paying a bit extra for the luxury of dealing with North American sellers. At least the product arrives the same year I ordered it, and it’s a lot more likely to be correct.

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Anyone have more info on the subsidized shipping from Chinese vendors?


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Basically it is just the postal rate structure set by the Chinese and HK governments for air mail packages. Per international agreements, from what I have read, there is no charge levied by the delivery country’s post for delivering a international mail package. So technically the Chinese rates are only truly subsidized if the postal rates are less than the cost of processing the package locally for shipment plus the amount charged by the air line for package transport and delivery to the receiving countries customs office at the port of entry. Based on that I have often felt US and European international postal rates were too high.

I have had air mail shipments from HK and China put into the USPS system in NY, LA and SF as I recall. No way to predict the arrival point either that I have been able to figure out.

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I’ll add that I’ve had shipments from HK and China enter the USPS system in Chicago and even (tho rarely) Cincinnati.

Also I’ve only ever received 2 packages via DHL but both of them came to Cinci (maybe cause I’m in Ohio?)

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