Where/how to get non standard glass lenses?

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Where/how to get non standard glass lenses?

Cheaply that is! I desperately need 20mm glass lenses but DX etc. don't carry them. I don't want to pay big amounts for my lenses when the entire light cost me 10 bucks.

Can anybody think of any way to cleanly DIY a bigger diameter lens into a smaller? Or someone else need some sizes that are not cheaply available? Maybe we could ask Jim@MF to sell some...

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HK is probably the best bet. There is always the expensive http://www.flashlightlens.com


The numbers from my light tests are always to be found here.


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You can try http://www.flashlightlens.com/str/index.php

They're closed until June 28th (and their website seems borked), but they do carry UCL (not borofloat) lenses in 20mm.

at $4 + shipping, you might be better off getting a cheap new host, though

Edit: D'oh, Don beat me to the punch