09-MAY-2010 - New email notification system replaces old one

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09-MAY-2010 - New email notification system replaces old one

Hello all,

I've decided to finally switch to a new comment notification-by-email system.  The only downside is that posts for which you were receiving notifications on the previous system will no longer be monitored now.  So maybe you could look through the posts and select "watch" (select for e-mail notifications) for the ones that you are still interested in.  I'll try to not change it on you guys again.

Thanks a lot, have fun!

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Its all good man.....you have to do whats best right.

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Thanks for all your hard work Admin on making this site bigger and better.  Smile + (clapping emoticon)

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Was expecting lots of them when I got back on Saturday afternoon (morning US time) and wondered what had happened. Monday-Friday with no internet access and very limited phone signal (The telco wants about $45,000 to put a phone line in) did lead to mild withdrawal - did contemplate driving up a mountain to where I know I could get a good signal - or driving to a tiny village where the hotel doesn't realise how insecure its WiFi is. WEP is not hard to crack while sitting in the car park. But I didn't.


Mainly because it rained every night and I never did get any beamshots done - even one morning at 3am when the dog woke me up needing out. And at 3:30 and 10 more times by 6am. Turned out she'd eaten a very dead rabbit while out in the forest. You don't want to know how I found that out...


Just noticed when I sneezed while holding the mouse that the latest revision of the editor supports drag and drop which is nice - even if it did make me wonder why the first paragraph had appeared at the bottom of the message instead of the top.


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