Test/Review of 17mm CC 1000mA LED Driver 4 Mode, 2.8-4.2v

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Test/Review of 17mm CC 1000mA LED Driver 4 Mode, 2.8-4.2v
17mm CC 1000mA LED Driver 4 Mode, 2.8-4.2v

DSC_4919 DSC_4920
DSC_4921 DSC_4922

Driver is from lck-led.com

Official specifications:
  • Constant Current LED Driver Board - 4 Mode, 2.8-4.2v, 1A
  • Current regulated at 1A
  • Input voltage 2.8V-4.2V (1 Li-Battery)
  • Measures 16.8mm in diameter, and 3mm in height
  • Multi-Mode: High/Mid/Low/Strobe
  • Designed for XR-E, XP-E, XP-G or any 5W LEDs
  • 1xLED+, 1xLED-
  • Prewired, ready to use


Type: DUP-C1 or DVP-C1
Tested with Cree XP-G2 led
Diameter: 16.8mm
Heigth: 3.2mm
Modes: High, medium, low, strobe.
Driver has no memory.
A short off/on will select next mode.
Medium uses pwm at 950Hz with 23% duty cycle
Low uses pwm at 510Hz with 2% duty cycle
Strobe is at 12Hz with 28% duty cycle



This driver goes into regulation when the input voltage is about 0.25V above led Vf voltage.



The driver starts at a voltage low enough that it will always drive the led.


In high mode there is no pwm in the light.


Efficiency calculations are mostly valid down to 3.4 volt.


The driver is not fully stabilized in medium.



The constant current regulator is a bit slow to turn on, I expect this is the reason for the imperfect stabilization.
The pwm frequency is about 950Hz


Efficiency calculations are not valid in low mode.


There is no stabilization in low mode.



The low mode uses short pwm pulses, this makes it difficult for the driver to turn completely on.
The pwm frequency is about 510Hz, this is not the same frequency as medium. My guess is that this is done to get a more controlled low mode, the driver would probably not be able to turn on/off fast enough to handle this mode at 1kHz.



The strobe is at 12Hz with 28% duty cycle


The driver looks like a good constant current driver with a good selection of brightness settings and a reasonable fast pwm.


I am not very impressed with lck-led's custom service. I got one wrong driver and one driver that were far outside specifications. I have sent a couple of emails to them, I got one question back after two weeks: did I want money back or a new driver. There was no explanation if it covers one or both of the problems and I do not know if they have sent me a new driver (That was my answer).

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