Highest capacity 14500 ?? EDIT... AND 14650?

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Highest capacity 14500 ?? EDIT... AND 14650?

Hey everyone, 

Anyone know what the highest capacity 14500 is? I have tested my Trustfire flames at about 800mah, not too bad. Just wondering if theirs anything better for low draw lights, in the 200mah range.

Their dosent seem to be many 14500 battery reviews around.


EDIT.... Ok I'm also looking into the 14650's I'm thinking of doing a custom light, something different just for the sake of being different. So I was looking at these http://www.dealextreme.com/p/trustfire-3-7v-1600mah-14650-lithium-batteries-2-pack-12589 probably good for 1400mah? Anyone have experience with the 14650's? Their sure not very common!

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Yeah, 14500/16340 are not common battery types. The big boys do 18650's because they're used in laptops, and those are the cells to get.

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The Tenergy 14500 has a little more nut than the Trustfire flame 14500.

They are pretty close, got the Tenegry at Amazon.com Trustfire from DX.

 Test was performed at .5 amps.

Tenergy 799mah


Trustfire 781mah

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I've tested a pair of Trustfire flames at 0.5A and gotten ~830mAh. I'd figure maybe at 0.2A they're 850mAh. Those Tenergy's sound promising.

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The trustfire flames are the best I've seen. 

Ultrafire (or one of their clones) apparently has a 1000mah one, but I suspect it's imaginary, like most/all ultrafire ratings.

Hrmm, the primary lithium 3.6V AAs are 2700mah...  might be smart to toss one in the emergency kit - lots of brightness and runtime when needed.

Based on some quick math, ~1300mah would be the highest possible with current technology, assuming the same ratio of capacity to internal volume (energy density) as the new 3100mah top-of-the-line 18650s.  Since 14500s are so much less common, and don't have the big dollars being thrown at them, I doubt there's any much higher than what we're using already.