What is a good internal impedance/resistance?

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What is a good internal impedance/resistance?

I recently acquired an Lii-260, and it is beginning to spit out internal resistance numbers (and discharged mah too!)

But after exhaustive searching, i am unable to determine a good value.

pls halp.


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I've tested all my cells for internal resistance using  4 and 8 ohm 1% resistors,3 and 5 watt.This is for DC internal resistance.Under AC ,resistance is called impedance,something to do with capacitive resistance and time lag,at the limit of my comprehension.Internal resistance is normally round 3 times internal impedence and a new Japenese/Korean cell is typically around 100mΩ internal resistance.

The review I saw stated 35 mR( for mΩ )for Pana PF's and 46 for Sanyo UR FM2.6Ah's,so presumably,it's reading impedence.I got 91 to 99mΩ for IR for PF's and between 95 and 145mΩ for the Sanyo's.My 2 AW 1.6AH IMR ce8lls give 59 and 69mΩ,my lowest 18650, and unprotected King Kong 26650's give 79-101mΩ button top Fasttech,and 40-58mΩ flat top,Wallbuys,all DC IR.Hope this helps make sense.

HKJ has a whole article on internal resistance,check the search engine(too many beers and red wine to make a linkFoot in Mouth)It's Mayday.

I'm definitely interested in this charger,still waiting for a review,HKJ?

If you're testing smaller cells,expect much higher IR,eg Nitecore NL166,quality cell,277mΩ,Efest 10440 IMR,the best,226mΩ,Efest IMR 16340 V2,145mΩ.