Review: TrustFire TR-J20 - 12 x XM-L (3 x 32650) Chunky Monkey!

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Of interest too is the 12 LED version of the SupFire M6 that RMM has been developing. 9900 lumens at turn on and 9000 after a minute he reports. IMO totally outrageous outputs for a light that size. I would like to have both that and the Chunky Monkey.

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@Can - Im just revisiting your post and did a mouse over to compare beam patterns.


Mouse out for k40m acebeam

Mouse over for your J20 with direct drive mod


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The J20 is still a beast of a light!  Cool  <--- you might need these.  I have smaller lights with similar or equal output, but they will only do it for 30-60 seconds while the big J20 just keeps chugging along until the batteries are drained.  

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