18650 battery test results

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18650 battery test results

18650 table

These batteries were all initially charged on a Pila IBC charger using the same channel on the charger.  They were then discharged on an Accucell 6 charger at different discharge rates (0.2A and 1.0A).  The Accucell 6 discharges the cell until they reach 3.0V (under load).  You should note some batteries such as the panasonic NCR18650 and NCR18650a can be discharged down to 2.5V.  Since the Accucell terminates at 3.0V, in theory these types of batteries can still be discharged slightly further and provide more capacity. The redilast 2900mah are based on the panasonic ncr18650.

I have included a rough estimate on how heavily used the various batteries are. 

I have to say the older batteries have seen some significant use and moderate abuse.  The unprotected blue 2400mah ultrafire and protected 2400mah trustfire (X), have seen quite a few cycles, some of which they were deeply discharged.  The more heavily used trustfire (X) and was then used with trustfire (Y) in a 2x18650 flashlight (only for a few cyles).  Trustfire (Y) had not been as heavily used as trustfire (X).  Do note; it is NOT recommended to use two poorly matched batteries in a multi-cell light.  I feel this incorrect use of these two batteries, may have result in some damage to both the trustfire cells.

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Thanks for posting this.

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