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nekdo12 wrote:
Pok wrote:


NEW-260 Cree XM-L T6 from DX (copy of…. Wink$25.10



I have bought the new 261. Is there a review of this light somewhere ?
Is it possible to make the light shorter ? since it has 22cm which is too big for the bicycle use.
thanks for the answers

Fritz t. Cat
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“UltraFire Ceee XML-T6 5-Mode 1000lm Waterproof 18650 / 26650 LED Flashlight”
$13.94 from GearBest, was a deal alert at about $10.

Output is similar to my slightly more expensive TangsFire C8, but longer run time on 26650s. Similar quality, maybe a bit better designed.
Includes adapter also for 3xAAA (too bad not 3xAA). The modes are not wide enough spaced for my taste.
Added: The sections unscrew from each other to provide access. Solid pill integral with the head.

Flashlight designers should look at lighthouses and pottery.

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For Fritz (and everybody else): renewed code for the UF light discount price it’s worth it

href=“”>UltraFire F13
coupon code: GBF13
Price: $9.99

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Too old a thread as the links are mostly obsolete and the number of 26650 lights has expanded a lot, now including RMM modified ones. So far I have two, the TrustFire TR-S700 monster light and the SupFire L5 as modified by RMM. The TrustFire is a physically huge light and seems to be one of the few Chinese budget lights with reasonably accurate factory Lumens output listing. Two different people on BLF have measured it as right around 3600 Lumens maximum. An impressive chunk of aluminum. Outside the usual budget price too unfortunately.

Rich Wood
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