Help with a project for a noob

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Help with a project for a noob

Hi everyone,


What a great site, I finally found a support group for my addiction!  I love lights and this site has got me willing to experiment.  I have a light that I would like to mod.  It is an X-glow  ALC-0212C  It has a XR-E diode and runs on two c cells and is rated at 136 lumens.  It had a cheap plastic reflector which I replaced with the OP reflector from my Tiablo MA6.  That change added to throw and I would like to get some more brightness out of this light.  I light the C cell format but understand it made be a limiter for voltage.  The light is regulated but I can't find at what voltage.

My question is can add more voltage safely by building a carrier for a single 18650 ( I have a lathe and a mill) or will I cook the driver.  I am very skilled in the shop but am new to electronics. Smile  any ideas would be most welcome.  I have read the sight for teh last two nights but can't find anything on c cell lights.