DX weekly giveaway---Which flashlight do you prefer? I will send you for free!!!

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DX weekly giveaway---Which flashlight do you prefer? I will send you for free!!!

Hello All,

In this month June, we will have weekly giveaway. Please tell me which flashlight you prefer.Everyone have chance to get your idea

flashlight for free. Good Luck!

This week:

1.Giveaway flashlight:  UltraFire 875 T6

2. Contest Begins now and closes at UTC 10:00 June 12Th.

3. How to participate:

Reply This post with the the reason you love it. Or reply me with the product you prefer, Please Go to choose from this category:http://www.dx.com/c/flashlights-lasers-999 . The next giveaway products will be chosen from all what your prefers

4.The winner must write a review for the product and post it to the forum when receive the products.

The contest closes at UTC 9:00 June 12Th. Please reply only once to this thread to enter.

The one who reply more than once or use multiple accounts will be disqualified. This giveaway is open to all memebers.

I will draw a winner based on the reply number soon after the closing.


Any creative ideas?? Great! Tell me


Good Luck to all


Edit: 2014/7/16,

Last Giveaway winner announced,


The Winner is


@mm166,  the gift was sent already, you will receive soon.

Thanks @totilde @spamman @DenBarrettSAR

so many people love this product NITECORE HC50

will be the next giveaway gift.

@bgyen @Backpacker Light @Boaz

 your prefered products Sunwayman D20A

is chosen as next giveaway gift.

@All   Good News!!!

5% off for all flashlights on our website:

Coupon Code: BL5F

Expiry Date:2014/7/31 23:59

Second Giveaway has begin now!!!

Please participate to win the Sunwayman D20A and NITECORE HC50




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I love giveaways….Please count me in!

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It has a 17mm driver for easy modification.

EDIT:would rather get these to review:

14500 zoom
1xAAA light black , purple , blue
zoom lantern
mxdl 2-AA , 2-AAA style #2: 1-AAA #1 , 1-AAA #2 , 2-AAA

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count me in please!
maybe swap it with NW color bin make it useful for me Smile

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I’m In. Anyone know if its next mode memory and whats the drive current?

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Please count me in too!

Reminds me of the Convoy M1. I like the host – ticks boxes in my book!

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I like this one. A good pocket rocket with variable mode selection.


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I would rather have this nice looking KinFire KC90 cuz I don’t have a dive light and I hope to be diving this summer.

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Count me in

I ant
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I would want a high quality Headlamp!

Fenix, or a Nitecore. Non zooming. Without ugly tint. Quality…

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Count me in. This will be decent choice for next giveaway… maybe 2-3 winners? Love


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Count me in. Do you sell convoy brand? No results in the search

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I prefer a Nitecore h50


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SKU: 39585

small EDC with zoom and can take AA and 14500 batteries.

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I too would like the NITECORE HC50 as a giveaway…

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I like the Fandyfire Raging (http://www.dx.com/p/fandyfire-5-x-cree-xm-l-t6-4000lm-5-mode-white-light...)
mainly because of the handle

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I like this headlamp because it uses 2xAA instead of the ubiquitous 3xAAA (which I dislike) and has different leds for different lighting purposes!

Thank you for the giveaway. Smile

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Count me in ! Smile i would do a “full” review & test fo the light, then do a Modding thread of the same light with mods. Smile

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I’m in!
Yea, NITECORE HC50 would be awesome for next giveaway. ;P

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  • Why do I love that UltraFire 875?
  1. Because it has a zooming head, making it excellent for indoor use as well as to light something far away.
  2. Because the description seems accurate. 450lumen @ 1600mA seems ok and won’t dissipate too much heat.
  3. Because it can take 18650 batteries for maximum runtime or AAA for emergencies.
  4. Because it has a nice design.
  5. Because the tail cap glows in the dark.
  • What do I wish to see on the next giveaway?
    White Bicycle Light w/ 6000mAh Power Bank

    This is a very interesting product, perfect for long bike tours because it is a rechargeable bike light and a mobile power bank at the same time. Plus it has an XM-L2, which is always good.
    I will make a review if I win. You can see a review I did earlier of a DX flashlight here.
    This product was released one month ago and there are no review of it yet. So it would be a good thing if I could review it so that people can buy it with confidence.
  • I am also interested in a very small 18650 flood flashlight with an integrated USB charge port to charge my cell phone. This would be the perfect flashlight to put in my bag, car,etc. as it would combine two items that I already have (flashlight + power bank). I haven’t found a small one to this day.

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I’m in! thanks

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Please enter me in this week’s giveaway. I really like the UltraFire 875 because it can be operated on 18650s or on AAA batteries. Being able to run it on AAAs could be useful during a long term power outage. I have lots of AAAs stored up, and we sometimes go for up to a week or more without power following a storm.

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Count me in.

I like this:

OLIGHT O’PEN Pen Style Cree XP-G2 R5 180lm 3-Mode White Tactical Flashlight


Very nice color, very nice price!

Thank you for the giveaway.

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Olight R40 Cree XM-L2 U2 1100lm 4-Mode Memory White Flashlight – Black (1 × 26650)
SKU: 302796

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It can use AAA? Love it. I have loads of those, count me in.

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I prefer this one…

Sunwayman D20A Cree XP-G2 R5 + XPE-P2 Cool White + Red LED 208lm 4-Mode Gemini Flashlight – Black

I like the shape, two leds and that it uses AA batteries.

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Looks interesting

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I prefer the NiteCore HC90


Stepless dimming, blue, red, green… Magnetic control.

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