Hi from the UK

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Hi from the UK


I’ve been pointed here from reddit, as I want to build a helmet mounted LED headlamp, and have got sod all knowledge on the electronics side of it.

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welcome. Hide your wallet.

Have you seen troute’s lights ? completely over the top, but cool none the less.

If your are looking for helmet lights specifically, mtbr might be a better place, because we are more handheld oriented around here.
mtbr DIY , mtbr lights

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welcome Smile

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Hello and keep your hand on your wallet this could be an expensive experience, I know it has been for me.

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It's nice of you to join us, Bigjobs!


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Welcome to BLF!

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Hey bigjobs, hope you can afford it. I can't and I just spent nearly $1000 on flashlights this month Surprised