DX Second Giveaway--Sunwayman D20A? NITECORE HC50!! Now send you for free!!! Try your luck now

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Count me in for Nitecore HC50. Make a good light to do task in places where there is no light switch to turn on closets, attic. Night vision enhanced with red light. Nice when camping, night fishing, put in bug out bag, hands free light. Thank you


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Thank you DX for this opportunity.

I’m entering for the Nitecore HC50 to give to my wife. Due to her disability she is not always able to hold a flashlight so I know she will always be able to use this.

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I am having issues with my last two DX orders I havent received more than a month after I placed my order. I never had this kind of problem with DX before. I believe this give away would be a good compensation.

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I like the Nitecore HC50, because I expect decent build quality, superior to the average headlamps offered in online shops and far superior to the headlamps I’ve owned so far.
Plus the output, the mode spacing and the power source (18650) fit my taste.

So please count me in and thank you very much for this giveaway !

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I would be more than happy to review any of the prizes but the sunwayman D20A stands out for me. They make great quality lights and this one looks to be no exception. Both emitters on this are perfect for this size of a light. The two AA power supply is also nice because it can be used with primaries in an emergency pinch situation. The User interface also looks like it would be perfect for this little light. The price also looks decent for suwayman quality.

For the discounted light I would like to see this headlamp. Two emitters is nice on a headlamp it should have some pretty good flood and the price is not bad.

SingFire SF-637 2 x CREE XP-E R5 200lm 4-Mode White Headlamp – Grey + Silver (2 × 18650)

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I like the old locomotive looks of Sunwayman D20A.

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This one:

because it’s light and it’s bright enough for doing things around the home such as repairing plumbing inside a counter or similar jobs where you need light at close range while having both your hands free.

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The Nitecore HC50's colored headlamps gives it an advantage or other headlamps, but the white emitter is still pretty bright.  I'd like to compare it against my Zebralight H600mkII and H52, Armytek Wizard Pro, Fenix HP10 and Trustfire Z2.

The low mode should be lower.

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I like Sunwayman D20A because of the unique design.

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Count me in for the NITECORE HC50. It is just great looking and could help some people out that could make use of it while working at night in the fields.

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I would like to try KINFIRE KH-30 with 12V (as described) to see how the smoke is coming out.

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i like Nitecore HC50 because it has a red LED,really useful when you only need a very limited illumination

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Currently own 2 headlamps and they are my most used lights by far, I like the HL50!


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Nitecore HC50 because it has a nicely thought out UI. Big Smile

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I don’t own any headlamps, so the HC50 would be my first choice if I was going to get one

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I’m in . I like the sunwayman because others like it.

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HC50 is very nice product, Nitecore rarely makes mistakes, most of the guys will probably select famous Nitecore but I like Sunwayman D20A more, actually I was waiting for someone to organise a group buy for this light preferably with price <45$ to buy one. All my flashlights have standard round shape, narrow tube with wider head so naturally this one is intriguing for me Smile

As per a suggestion for a discounted product I would give a chance to SUNREE line of products, they have many interesting models like this one

or this one:


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The Nitecore HC50 would be my choice since headlamps are so handy for almost any situation!

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Either the sunwayman  d20A

or the nitecore Hc50 would be a great light to own .

The Hc50 has never had a bad thing said about it ...Everyone seems to love them .

I think the Sunwayman d20A is so different than the 1000's of lights commonly used today. I'd like to own one .


Here's another squared off little light not seen much anymore ..Add one red led and it would be like a mini SWM D20A Silly


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I am In i love the NITECORE HC50 i dont have a head lamp and i want one

If i won Big Smile can i make an order for other items and send them in the same package ?

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I have the HC50 and use it just about every day - really like it. It's my mod'n head lamp. Excellent so far after a couple months - lots of cell swaps, nice flood beam, and I use it on 3rd of 5 modes - mode 4 and 5 are too bright actually, and it will get hot after a while on those higher settings. Only complaint is you have to switch it off quickly, otherwise it will bump up one mode before turning off, then next time you turn it on, it's on that higher setting. The higher modes are nice outdoors, and it won't throw much. I like it's so easy to adjust up/dn also.

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I want to try a dedicated headlamp so my vote goes to nitecore HC50

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I like the HC50; I’ve always wanted a great headlight for exploring the junkyard at night.

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I will win the sunwayman and praise DX.
Because of good reviews.

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I'm switching my BLF account into LumenZilla. Thanks!

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Love the Sunwayman D20A.

Unusual form factor and love the 2 different colour emitters.

Always like the built quality of a Sunwayman.

Many thanks DX.

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It’s HC50 for me definitely. It’s a very nice headlamp.

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Count me in: sunwayman d20a good 2xaa edc flashligh with 2 leds. Cool design!

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I like the headlamp from nitecore but i do not like a 18650 on my head, then i think the sunwayman d20 is the option for me. Two leds, one red and two AA batteries.


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I don’t have a LED headlamp yet. I have climbed some high mountains with very weak headlamp.