DX Second Giveaway--Sunwayman D20A? NITECORE HC50!! Now send you for free!!! Try your luck now

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Thanks for the giveaway! Party

Well, it would have to be the Sunwayman F40A since it has the flashing blue and red lights. Together with XM-L2 will be a fun light to use. Big Smile

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I think this light would be great for lots of lumens and long runtime (and it just looks cool)


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I would prefer Nitecore HC50 headlamp. It is very good headlamp with reasonable price. The positive is that it use one 18650 battery. Battery indicator and IPX8 covering is also very good.

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An interesting looking light…would love to try it out.

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Sunwayman d20a good-looking edc with two leds

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I like the Nitecore HC50 because it works with a white and a red LED and uses 18650 (which I prefer): It would be a pleasure to review it (at the moment I write one for the Fenix HL50 which I could compare with the HC50, also the Crelant CH10 or the XTAR H1).

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I would go for the Nitecore HC 50, I have this headlamp on my wishlist because of the ten brightness modes and the battery indicator.

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I like the Sunwayman D20A, because it is a very pocketable 2xAA powerful flashlight.

For the next promotion, in the headlamp category, my vote goes to the SingFire SF 535, SKU179353, because it uses 4xAA and has a Cree XML-T6.

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I like modes, the monoblock design Nitecore HC50, red leds, its good quality tape and more details.
Would make a good match with my UF H2B is now obsolete.
Dx Thanks for the opportunity.

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I’d like to try the Nitecore HC50. Solid headlamp, no spazmodes.

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I like the headlamp but i do not like 18650 on my head!

So i like Sunwayman D20 because of the unique design two leds and two AA batteries.

Thank you DX for this opportunity.

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I vote Sunwayman D20A

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djozz wrote:

I am a bit weary to join this giveaway. For quite a while now reviews appear at BLF that originate from this kind of giveaways. Both the d20a and the hc50 have been reviewed quite thoroughly already at BLF, and although it can be nice to read another opinion, and blf-members tend to make an ok job of even 'seller's giveaway-induced' reviews, I'm not sure I find giveaways with obliged reviews a good developement.

You're more optimistic than I am.  I wouldn't be surprised if the "review" from this giveaway is only 2-3 times longer than your post and with the same number of pictures.  I think anything given away for a review should be to someone that has already done at least one review or at least posts lots of useful information like you do in your tests.

The low mode should be lower.

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Sun. Way. Man. Hello
love to see your pretty glow
shining on my toe

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I do like the Nitecore headlamp, looks fairly compact and ought to provide a decent-sized hotspot, not too focused. The Kinfire bike lamp looks like a good deal already, with a DC-DC converter capable of handeling 12V, there could be more uses besides just a bike, esp. at that price point. But I have to say, my favorite of the three is that Sunwayman D20A. A non-standard shape that isn’t going to be rolling off your table, no matter how crooked the table legs are!

A good point above, though, if I had to pick one for reviewing on here (because I do sooo many reviews! /sarcasm ) it would be the bike light, since the others are fairly well-known already.

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I really like this one:

KR-T6 2 x CREE XM-L T6 1200lm 3-Mode White Headlamp – Black + Grey (1 / 2 × 18650)

5 ( 1 reviews) SKU: 223120 (Added on 6/25/2013)

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I like the Nitecore HC50 because it has a fine selection of brightness levels and because it has a fully adjustable headband that will fit even extra large size heads.

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HC50 would be my choice. need a headlight.

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I have six bike/head lights – four are installed in our (mine, 2 sons and wife’s) bikes for night riding and two are installed in helmets – but I haven’t tried one with a red light yet.

Aside from bike riding, I also run at night so I would like to have one headlamp with a red beam. Therefore I’ve very interested and would like to have the Nitecore HC50. Smile

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Here is why “I love it”:

Kinfire KH-30: It would be fun to modify.

Sunwayman D20A: I absolutely love this form factor. It leverages the popular AA format batteries, which can be found anywhere, and for very cheap. The fact it has dual emitters just adds to the fun. The human eye is less sensitive to red light, so a dim red led that has a wide beam is just perfect for walking around while preserving your night vision. It has a very nice and springy removable clip that can help store it securely in a backpack or on a car sun visor. A stainless steel bezel on the front surrounding both leds helps to protect the glass, and it looks pretty. The body of the light is machined out of a solid piece of aluminum, so it should be stronger and dissipate heat better. The anodization is type 3, so it should be very well protected from scratches. The battery cover is a unique design, it uses a twist design instead of the normal threads. It also has a cool lanyard attachment point on the back cover. The automatic step-down from turbo to high should help with battery life a lot. It also has a cool button design: there are two of them! With a XP-G2, it should provide a nice balance of flood and throw.

Nitecore HC50: I have a thing for well-designed headlamps, and this looks like a very good one. With an XM-L2, you need good heatsinking, and this headlamp provides it. It has a solid one-piece body, so it should keep the led cool while being nice and strong. An 18650 or two cr123 powers it, so it has a lot of available energy to utilize. Nitecore programmed very nicely spaced modes. Direct access to a 1.25 lumen red mode is very useful for maintaining good night vision. It also comes with a very well made head strap, which is necessary, as this is a heavy light. The button on this light is also special, as it is a two stage: partially depress it to switch between modes, fully press to turn on/off. The small reflector used in this light is very nice in this situation. You want very little throw, as you are mainly using this for close up work. It also has a very cool battery indicator built into the switch, so every time you turn it on, you can estimate the remaining battery capacity. I also have a black diamond storm to compare it to.

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Count me in please.

Would love to field test the Nitecore HC50.

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Love the HC50 for its great design and form factor. Could have really used that on my last high altitude night hike. Would also like to try out the red LEDs for use around camp. Actually my friend was going to buy this, but he ran out of time before the trip. His 3xAAA didn’t do much on the trails.

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Sunwayman. Strange name, beautiful flashlights. D20A is the pick of this bunch for me. I love the practicality of headlamps and would love an HC50, but when it comes to spending money on (or winning) flashlights, it's Sunwayman all the way for me. 

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Hello, This is a good idea to give away some of your products on this forum.

This helps to make more people aware of the different types of products your

company has for sale. I like the Sunwayman D20A because of AA battery use

in it. I also like the Nitecore HC50 because it puts out 565-350-170-35-1 lumens

depending on which operating mode—Turbo/Hi/Mid/Low/Lower is picked by the user.

It uses 18650 or CR123A size batteries. Run times are 1Hr15min to 400 Hrs ,

depending on the size of battery and the operating mode-Turbo/Hi/Mid/Low/Lower

the user selects. It also has a 85 meter beam distance, which is great for a headlight.

__ Mike Smile

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This was supposed to end yesterday. When are we getting the winners??

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How about you reimbursed me for the last promotion fuck-up with letting hundreds people “win” the code and then charging full price?

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lagman wrote:
This was supposed to end yesterday. When are we getting the winners??

Same question.

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two days now….

If you can’t blind them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullcrap.

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Don’t worry about it guys. They are always like this. Last time took like 1 week or more I think.

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I use headlamps more than handheld so I’m going for the HC50