Gearbest Daily Deal Updated: November 7th 2020/ NITECORE E4K ,NITECORE TIP SE ,Yeelight 1SE E27

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Yeh, I kept getting emails about all my points expiring, use ‘em or lose ‘em, etc., but they just stopped being the Old-GB quite some time ago.

Who knows, might just be trying to rake in new orders then close the doors and run. Sick

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NITECORE E4K Pocket Small Straight Flashlight 4400LM

$60.95 for Flash sale

NITECORE TIP SE Dual-core Metal Keychain Lamp LED Light 700lm

$18.95 for Flash sale

Fascia Massage Gun Muscle Relaxation Massager Fitness Equipment Noise Reduction Design 6 Speed Optional Button Model

$28.99 for Flash sale

Mini 40×22 Binocular Telescope High-powered HD Mobile Phone Children’s Night Vision Outdoor Portable for Concert

$10.99 for Flash sale

Yeelight 1SE E27 6W RGBW AC 100 – 240V Smart LED Bulb Colourful Light Version

$31.99 for Flash sale

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Hi Gearbest.

I am curious to know what happened to your range of Ganzo knives? Seems that in only a few weeks since I last checked, you are currently only offering about 3 models now. Was the list wiped out in the 11.11 sales or is it reflective of a shift in direction for Gearbest?

Like I said, just curious.


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