Diffuser Self Adhesive Vinyl $1.50 Per 4"X9"Sheet

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Diffuser Self Adhesive Vinyl $1.50 Per 4"X9"Sheet

Excellent diffuser vinyl. Made in Germany. You can put this self adhesive vinyl on the outside or inside of the flashlight lens. Just apply it to your flashlight lens and trim off the edges. Make the ugliest beam floody and easy on the eye. No noticeable light loss through a visual ceiling bounce test. You can use regular paypal but feel free to use paypal gift to save me some fees. Smile

Buy full roll here: [url]http://www.berlinwallpaper.com/dcfix/Transparent.htm[/url]

$1.50 Per Approximately 4"X9"Sheet Shipped in USA

PM me for larger sheets.

This is the "SAND" version

Paypal email: [email]seattlecraigslist.com@gmail.com[/email]