Test/Quick preview: ACEBEAM MRC18650NP-230A battery with protection circuit

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Test/Quick preview: ACEBEAM MRC18650NP-230A battery with protection circuit

Some of us got a pair of batteries to test from former MicroBlueBear company - see this thread.  It took more than two months batteries to reach us. It might be they took different delivery route as the shippment was clearly declared as Li-Ion batteries inside.

They came well packed in a bigger box, bubble wrapped smaller box inside. Each cell in its own cardboard box.

As the company has new name and logo they are going to provide pictures of new design. Will update when I get them.

Both batteries came charged at storing voltage of 3.81 and 3.82V which is within Li-Ion specifications. They are declared as 2300mAh with protection circuit.

I've made first discharge at 2A with my iCharger 106B+ both connected in series. I've got quite different but paralell voltage curve. At first I thought the cells are very different. Then I've recharged and changed cells position and again there was difference, but now the other cell got worse. I've realized something is wrong with my setup. I think I had problems with contacts as cells have quite small button tops. Contact area is smaller and while using magnets they don't stick very well. Will try to fix this for individual cell tests.

For beginning here is discharge graph of both cells at 2A (with limitations mentioned above). They have reached 2193 mAh mark which is quite good. Voltage curve is not very high, but acceptable. Most likely it is lower because they are protected.

Will continue.....

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Thanks for sharing.  It's good to see more data on this battery.

The low mode should be lower.