Favorite flashlight of all time?

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Favorite flashlight of all time?

I was thinking the other day about how I loved flashlights as a kid. Most of them would get destroyed in 2-3 days or left on and drain the batteries in a few hours. I remember always wanting new batteries and my parents saying no, you shouldn't have left it on all day. Funny how I now understand their logic.

Anyway one of those flashlights really sticks out in my head. It was a Rayovac 6v lantern. To me it seemed like the worlds brightest flashlight. It went from flood to spot and had a blinkie light on the back! It looks like they come up on Ebay fairly often also.

So does anyone else have flashlights that stand out as their favorites?


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Here's My most favorite flashlights

Philips Metaflash flashlight - my first bright flashlight (80 lumens I assume)

Romisen RCG2 - My first flashlight bought online (as suggested by cpf members)

Surefire Z2 - my only surefire

Zerbralight H51 - My most favorite headlamp

Zebralight SC50+ - My most favorite flashlight, Among all my lights if I could only have one this will be it as this is my current pocket edc. The H51 is a definite contender but prefer a traditional flashlight and I don't have the SC51.

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I didn´t use much flashlights as a kid. Only alkalines were available as energy source so: even good ones were always 80% of runtime - dim... Frustrating!


Well, I had something like this at home, 6V batt with long tabs, fisheye lens, metal casing:

I remember also a flashlight with clip, similar form with side reflector and red + green slides to change color of beam. It was kinda cool Smile


After those:



At the moment, I like my Solarforces quite a lot. Also like the others, iTP, Zebra... Hard to say one absolute favorite. Still searching. I´ve also sold quite many, I usually don´t keep lights that can be sold and that I´m not very fond of.

My childhood light maybe 4D mag was a favorite, it was quite bright (and always outta batts).



Feels weird now.

Items that I own now, flashlights, maybe many of these will actually be functional even for my kids, even that they are "budget". None of my childhood lights are, except the Mag.

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So far , my sand L2 with a T6 3 mode ...

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