[CLOSED]Eachbuyer Thanksgiving Day Giveaway Winners Announcement

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[CLOSED]Eachbuyer Thanksgiving Day Giveaway Winners Announcement

[Updated on 8th Nov]

Dear BLF members, thanks a million for all these precious suggestions, I took note all of them and forwarded to my colleagues, this is so helpful!
At the same time we just chose three lucky members: DavidEF,raccoon city,how2,to reward this bracelet (can be swapped to one other equal value product if you dont like), plz reply my PM, thank you all for participating, thanks again!

The long running coupon: EBLED15, 15% off for orders over 20$(16€) on this LED category http://www.eachbuyer.com/lighting-c15294/ valid until 6th Dec 2014

[Updated on 4th Nov]
Hey guys long time no see! Didn’t start activities for ages! Only two months away to get into new year ! Where did the time go? I don’t know, I just spend all time on BLF, lol.
Anyways, let’s get to the topic, it’s a great honor to know you guys on BLF, this upcoming thanksgiving day eachbuyer first wants to give a big thanks to you dear customers, for those precious ideas, suggestions and honest reviews, second is to our staff, our IT guys work day and night, some of us even have not slept for weeks to creat the new OA system for eachbuyer site. I got so many suggestions during my time on BLF but many of them take too long to fullfill becasue system, but now will be faster and better. We still need the precious suggestions from you! So here’s the giveaway

1) Any suggestions for eachbuyer (including the ridiculous product description, banner design, site too slow or too fast..)
2) Time from 4th Nov to 7th Nov 2014 EST
3) Prize: we’ll choose three entries to reward this decent, beautifully-designed and good quality Bluetooth V3.0 Smart Bracelet Wrist Watch

Sami luo here.I work for www.eachbuyer.com

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Suggestion: How about a flashlight prize? :bigsmile:

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How about making an eachbuyer apps for android mobile device Silly
And please give a flashlight prize since i don’t really like a bluetooth gadget

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Dang.  You guys look a gift horse in the mouth?

I think bluetooth bracelet is cool. Cool

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I`ll take the watch


1.Have a Flashlight Menu on the left.. its too hidden now
Make something like: Menu>Flashlights.

2. Add some brand name lights, such as Sunwayman, Fenix, Acebeam, Nitecorn etc.

3. Have some crazy sales now and then... especially with brand-flashlights.

4. related to #3, have a christmas special sale (brand-flashlights or popular ones)

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Make a custom BLF-edition light every so often, with input from BLFers as to modes, power output, etc, like kronological and Neal from Banggood just pulled off with the Eagle Eye X6. Or, like Rey (WWEFANS) just did with the Lumintop SD10. Listening to your customers can’t get any more real than that, especially if you stay diligent with CS after the sales. Then your prices don’t have to always be the absolute lowest, just reasonable, and customers will flock to you for the better CS alone, as they flee your competitors who have bad CS. Wink

As for doing GAWs, that is nice, and of course we all like free stuff. But it doesn’t change our shopping habits like good CS can. So, to re-cap:

1) Make custom lights for us
2) Be diligent with customer support after the sales
3) Keep prices reasonable
4) Sometimes give stuff away, just cause that’s how we roll here!

The Cycle of Goodness: “No one prospers without rendering benefit to others”
- The YKK Philosophy

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add efest imr batteries to your products

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Why not work with us to create a new BLF light with your supplier?

Add more quality batteries to your stock

Count me in!

"There are always new jobs, women, and apartments......there is only ONE BLF." - Chicago X (27/03/2012)

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I’d like to see the next BLF light be a MT-G2 light. Talk with your suppliers, Sami, and make it happen!

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A BLF coupon code would be nice.

Thanks for the giveaway.

I’m a junky, I mod lights so I can sell lights so I can buy more light to mod so I can sell lights to buy more lights to mod.

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Coupons are always good. I like the selection of whetstones/water stones/oil stones you have for sharpening. You have several of the same grit ratings but with different printing. Is there any way to tell if one type is better than the other? Also, I might suggest you carry some nice Chinese brand knives like from sanrenmu and enlan. Thanks for the chance.

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I guess: added more items on flash sales and deals (also make it big and easy to see on the main page, not hidden to far right of page. :bigsmile:

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Those text categories on the front page seem unattractive and redundant (since they’re also on the side). They seem to add a cluttered look. Why not do away with it, and leave the promotional item pictures as audience attractor.

Also, some crazy sale once in a while would be cool. It doesn’t have to be often, maybe twice a year on a few good items.

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I completely agree with the suggested menu changes.

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New page with best selling items or just sorting by best selling items would be nice. (There is “most popular” but no idea what that means… popular by viewing or by sales?)

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a “deal of the day” will bring customers…

i do not work in "reviews, deals and codes" for the time being
maybe M4D M4X will return one day, but until then:


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I agree with the idea of keeping the focus on flashlights and related accessories, the watch is nice but we don’t want to start overly diluting what we do here with giveaways of jewelry, cookware, swimsuits , over time that could really change this place.

Not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.

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feed us lumens please Smile


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Add eneloop batteries to your products.

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how about more accurate lumens numbers for the flashlights you sell.

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Fix description of THIS item.

Edit: … and add a description to THIS item.

Edit 2: Check descriptions on your site.

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site is fast today———

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I suggest the team catch up on their sleep in order to get prepared for some great Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials!

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1. Add some filters for flashlight category: by battery type, zoomie/reflector (being able to select reflector only lights would be really nice)
2. Some cool looking flashlight you have there Big Smile

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viperbart wrote:
Fix description of THIS item.

That was an item i requested when they did their $10,000 of stock giveaway, i think they actually gave away $10

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All of the above

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Add more quality flashlight to your stock.

BLF coupon code would be nice.

Thanks for the giveaway

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Thanks for the giveaway, continue to be honest and customers will come.

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Get rid of the ridiculous retail prices. It would be better to see only a “real” price on every item, and see a true discount on select items; a Sipik SK68 $5.99/USD $4.99/USD 15% 0FF Not Sipik SK68 $479.95 $8.99

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Thank you so so much guys, I take down all these precious suggestions one by one.
Yes like any suggestions are welcome, the website search function, products description picture too much too small, banner… anything

As for this giveaway if dont like it then can be swaped to other products, no problem.

Sami luo here.I work for www.eachbuyer.com

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BLF coupon code

Put me in for the contest…thanks