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Review: Brinyte DIV03 gifted from

Model: Brinyte DIV03
Site description: 1000LM CREE XML-U2 150m Underwater Dive Diving LED Light Flashlight Torch

On 09/10/2014 I got a message from samiluo that I’d won a light for my participation in in this thread: $100 Giveaway for the creative presentation of logo. I promised I’d write a review and waited as patiently as I could for the light to arrive. It made its merry way from China and arrived on 9/29/14… the day after I had a finger dislocated in a sports-related mishap. No big deal, right? Except this is a big, tough twisty light and I could barely manage to turn it on. samiluo dropped me a message to make sure the light had arrived and I explained that I would have to wait a while to write a review.

Well, I finally got an opportunity to put it through some paces and here’s my completely non-scientific and completely subjective review. Thanks for your patience, samiluo!

Full disclosure: I like AA lights, especially multi-AA lights, so that’s going to color my review. Having said that, this thing is a beast! The light is heavy enough that the included lanyard is a necessity, because you’ll dent your flooring if you drop it. Despite the weight it feels good in the hand, small and well-balanced enough that it’s not awkward. It includes extra o-rings and what I assume petroleum jelly to lube and waterproof the threads. It’s really, REALLY hard to twist on when you’ve only got one fully-functional hand, but I would guess this is a function of the waterproofing.

I’m kinda new to this whole flashaholic gig, so I don’t have diagnostic equipment or a lot of lights to compare it to so I can only guestimate its output and throw distance. The Brinyte has a single high mode, and it compares favorably against against my Nitecore EA4, more output than the EA4’s high and maybe the same as the turbo but with better throw; the throw looks closer to the Defiant Super Thrower. The DIV03 id listed as 500lm on other sites and I suspect that’s more accurate than eachbuyer’s advertised 1000lm. Still and impressive amount of light from 3 AA Eneloops.

Then on Halloween night I got my chance to test it’s performance against real-world usage: we had a power outage just before midnight! I can now say with some authority that it tail-stands quite nicely on the broad tailcap, lights a 10’ by 15’ room well for 30 minutes without getting overly hot. The light is prone to rolling despite the scalloping on the tail. I wis I could do a dive with this light to properly put it through its paces, and I may update this review later wit a pool test.

Cosmetically, it looks good and feels good. The anodizing seems pretty sturdy and I haven’t found any machining blemishes. The squared threads mesh nicely and I haven’t detected any potential for cross-threading. The one cosmetic issue I’ve noticed is the logo is screened on poorly and identifies the light as a DIV05.

Final rating: Awesome!

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Thank you so much sir, sorry to hear that, hope you can recover from your injury soon..
It’s a really nice review, if you can put more good pictures would be perfect as many member said the design is gorgeous, hehe
take care

Sami luo here.I work for

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Thanks, that sounds like a nice light, does it look like one too? I'm spoiled here at BLF, I demand breakdown pictures! Wink