Convoy S4 Nichia219B & 3amp Qlite

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Convoy S4 Nichia219B & 3amp Qlite

Some of you may recall I bought some S4 hosts from FastTech with no pills…. well I eventually managed to get some pills for them, so I assembled my first one last night.

This one uses a Qlite 3.04A driver and a Nichia NVSL219BT R85 D220 on Noctigon, 4260-4745K Typical 92 CRI (Min.85) Neutral White.

I’m running it on a regular Sanyo 2600 protected ICR, so it is unlikely to pushing 3amps on high, more like 2.2-2.3amps based on similar setups in other hosts.

Output is really nice. I kept to the stock 3 output setup of the Qlite. Mid is very usable and doesn’t get too hot, but plenty bright enough for most things. The Nichia also works very well with the small OP reflector.

On high it’s not quite as bright as my 505 lumen Solarforce T1, which is probably about right for a Nichia219B and the current it is likely getting. So this is no lumen monster, but it is very nice to use.

And the S4 host is a nice EDC compromise, not hugely bigger in the pocket than an AA/14500 light, but much longer runtimes. Deep carry pocket clip and the ability to tail stand.

Some other random shots, Nichia on the right, Solarforce on the left:

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Nice and balanced mod Smile

The new Nichia 219B has a surprisingly low Vf compared to the old 219A, even a tiny bit lower than the XP-G2. So I would not be surprised if it just plainly draws the 3 amps from the qlite on a normal cell.

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I just put together a triple, these new 219’s are a good bit brighter too.


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Mmm, I've been taking a look at this S4 host at FastTech. Really cool, if a bit pricey compared to the S2 host, though.

I have a 16mm copper DTP mounted Nichia 219B lying around, so I was wondering how do these hosts compare to each other with regards to putting such emitter on them. If using a dual-sided Nang 105C/D driver, would it require me to solder the driver to the pill on the S4 aswell? 

Thanks. Smile


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