Salt water Spot.

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Salt water Spot.

Hi Guys..

Can anyone recommend a light that satisfies the following..

18650 batteries 1-4. If multiple batteries, then in a side by side config. (its got to fit in a Barbour)
either a zoom, or a moderately tight spot,
IPX8, it will get wet..

Now the impossible, I might use it for salt water fishing, so titanium would be nice, but good anodizing essential.

I’m in the UK so Fast-tech/Amazon etc preferred.

Price? < £100?



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My Sipik SK-73 works under water, but I have not seen any zoomy that won’t get water in it if you zoom from flood to spot while it has water on it. There are movable pill lights, but I haven’t seen any attempt to make them water tight.
The anodizing on the 73 is not that good and it may not have the trow you want. Cheap though!

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