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Adverse weather conditions in the USA is having an affect on flight times and the transport of packages in and around Baltimore, Richmond Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia.

We expect the weather conditions to improve around the 7th Jan.

Adverse weather conditions in Northern India that is having an affect on flight times and the transport of packages.

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4.If a key part of your product is missing on delivery, here is how we can solve the problem for you:
Contact us first, with your order number and product code; we will help to clarify what part is missing.
For major, expensive and integral product parts we may need to follow it up as a “lost/stolen in delivery”
If the part is small or an accessory, we will most likely be able to help you by simply re-sending it.

What a joke! Even when I bought the additional shipping insurance, GB did dick all to help me. They flat out refused to honor their shipping insurance for me and I was out almost 83.00 USD. GB lost a good customer and I will never buy anything from you again