anything to talk about glow sticks?

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Mattaccelm wrote:
I keep a few of these:

in my “Go Bag” as well as with my camping/backpacking gear. They are great in a pinch….like when you have nowhere to buy batteries and need light….which happens alot in backwoods camping/hiking or caving. I love the clip built into them. Their shelf life is pretty long and they burn strong for 12 hours. Plus, buying them bulk really makes them cheap.

ahh. glad yours can last. I wouldn’t be able to buy bulk due to my area

I kept a couple of glowsticks in “cool dry place” but apparently my country is way too hot to be considered cool

both lights of mine doesn’t glow.
I assume I’m buying cheap chinese lights. Given some expensive “coleman” branded ones… 3 months later it died without me using it.

Wished I could love glowsticks more but I guess if I wanna use it I’ll buy from store when I need it

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