Best Inexpensive NiMH Charger?

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I use an Duracell model CEF21. It charges individual cells. Is it a smart charger?

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The Ikea Ladda charger is worth a mention:
I bought it because one of the channels of my BC-700 is not working properly anymore, and I have some sets of 4 that I need to charge pretty quickly. With 1A per channel, it is charging AA cells at the recommended rate, and does dV/dT termination on each cell individually. It was only 10 euro at Ikea, which I think is a very good price. There are not that many inexpensive chargers that can charge 4 cells at 1A. The cells do get a bit warm at the end of the charge though, I measured around 50C.

Some time ago, when someone else needed a simple but good quick charger, I advised the Sanyo MQR06, which was a good deal together with Eneloop batteries. That has also been working well for charging sets of 2 AAs quickly. If I remember correctly, it can charge 2 batteries at 1.3A each, with more it’s slower. I think it also has the possibility to charge a single cell even faster, but that might not be good for the lifespan of the cell. I think the newer Panasonic BQ-CC16 is similar, although I don’t see the very quick single cell mode in de review: