Banggood 2014 giveaway Olight i7R & Nitecore P12 NW BLF X6 $ ?? we have three winners:djozz , Joat, raccoon city

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1. Nice deals
2. I hope that we can use coupon with BG point at the same time.
3. gift certificate.

thank you.

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I’m In

1.where do you think banggood is worked good? your selection is pretty good and your prices really competitive

2.where shoud we improve in the next year? more batteries would be nice

3.which gift do u want for the third ground. This would be sweet

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Thank you for the giveaway banggood

1. I like the sales thread, the coupons and special offers.
2. Description of items specs could be more accurate. Some shipping could be faster (from order to real shipping)
3. I would really enjoy a NITECORE HC90 if you ask me

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1. Good Variety of products

2. They have to send packets faster

3. EA41 :bigsmile:

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1.where do you think banggood is worked good?
2.where shoud we improve in the next year?
3.which gift do u want for the third ground?
4. member of BLF since on or before 12/20/2014
5.winner out with the

RicFlair Response:
1) I think BG is worked good for the BLF community and flashlight lovers as a whole. I know of no other BG type site that has done the same. I am impressed.
2) Improve the inventory of custom flashlight parts & accessories. I would like a wider selection of budget parts and gear that are in stock.
3) I would like 100,000 points credited to my account! Smile or a light made out of Titanium.
4) Yup, way before that!
5) Sounds fair!!

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1.where do you think banggood is worked good?

2.where shoud we improve in the next year?

3.which gift do u want for the third ground?

1. good prices and selection

2. better quality control on orders

3. acebeam k40m

Would you mind keeping the wrong flashlight?
Best wish, May
Tmart service team


Soumil wrote:



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1.The Group Buys seem to work great/I always picked updated shipping USA in about a week

2.More Deals/Better Comunication is always good/website that always works

3.Nitecore TM06

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1. Sales thread on BLF
2. Quality cells at good price
3. acebeam k40m

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1. Until this moment all my orders was OK and arrived usually faster then from other chinese shops.
2. I don’t like splitting order to the different shipping which is automatic and not the option.
3. $ 1000000 can be nice Smile but something else also will be OK.

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1. GOOD deals!!! (especially batteries). Keep up!
2. Keep up the great work, I have no complaints.
3. Acebeam X60M

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1. Good prices and communicating with the community ( group buy )

2. Faster shipping, more group buys

3. Acebeam k40m

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1)Not much of an issue
2)customer service could use some honesty
3)Magic Scorpion transformer 250w hid light

BLF Community Battery Pull Thread

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1.where do you think banggood is worked good?
- the codes get me to buy more , so they are very beneficial for BG Wink
- you can check whether a code still works without being logged in, with just one click (shopping cart)! Better than other shops! Big Smile
- an overview of the products purchased is better than the competition
- Priority Direct Mail
Conclusion: I like BG! :8)

2.where should we improve in the next year?
- I ‘d appreciate a separate modding section (LEDs/driver/boards/…)
- Please do not send too many emails advertising like many other china shops. The result would otherwise only that they would be deleted immediately.

3.which gift do u want for the third ground?
Acebeam X60M 8) , but I can understand but even if this is too expensive! Wink

Thanks & Merry Christmas

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1. I like the option to contact BG on this forum
2. Improve your packaging with box as an option and add USPS epacket as an option for shipping, open USA warehouse for faster shipping, organized modding section,
3. TM36 / acebeam X60

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Count me in!

1.where do you think banggood is worked good?
Customer service is better than I expected – keep going the extra mile. Prices and selection are good, too.

2.where shoud we improve in the next year?
No real kinks. Sometimes information like what is really in inventory was not correct.

3.which gift do u want for the third ground?
The new EagleEye F35. I ordered three and the order was cancelled. Sad

Whatever you are doing, I will be coming back.

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1)In the first time I dealed with BG the whole transaction went smoothly, and when I had to cancel na order they were more than helpful. I also had a little problem in the order, which was not BG’s fault and yet they steped in and tryed to compensate for it.

2)Only bought from them a few times, and never had na issue. Maybe the slow shipping but that is, as others pointed, not their fault. edit: Actually the one time I bought from them the product had a wrong description.

3)I was thinking SWM V11R or Nitecore TM06, but I’ll go with freeme for 3×$30 gift certificates

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1) Good prices, good webpage, BLF discounts codes, etc. Very happy with Banggood. Nice to have Neil on the forum who responds quickly.

2) Keep up the work on making all customers happy. Continue arranging good deals and discounts.

3) Some nice gift coupons (That way we can choose one or several lights that suits our needs and not just some light that may be of limited interest)

BLF LED database – collaboration spreadsheet and latest news about where to buy LEDs

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Hey guys, your presence on BLF is fantastic, and so are your prices!

No real improvements needed as such – keep up the good work.

X60M would be a great gift for the third round … Wink

Thanks & Regards

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1) I like the flashlight section
2) Delivery and availabitity
3) Sunwayman M11R

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1. Deals you post on BLF
2. Delivery time (too bad here in Europe)
3. Fenix TK51

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1) Group buy of the BLF Special X6-SE has been great

2) Another Group Buy, of another BLF Special Edition flashlight ? Eagle Eye F35, or a Eagle Eye MTG-2 flashlight ?

3) Nitecore P36, or Acebeam K40M

Thanks BG, and Merry Christmas to you and all BLF members

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1. You have a great selection, good prices, and shipping has been above average.
2. More top performing quality batteries.
3. Acebeam K40M

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Banggood wrote:

Beachlogger wrote:
Is this gonna be like the banggood xp-l giveaway Shocked

sorry, this giveaway will go well.

You folks still have NOT responded to the other thread yet though. To me this is very representative of a company’s customer service level. If they can’t even follow through with acts of good will, why should I trust them to deliver my product?

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1.where do you think Banggood is worked good?

BG is doing good by listening to customers needs by producing the Custom BLF flashlight and offering more available tint choices on other lights.

2.where should we improve in the next year?

Hire a few Native English speaking employees/translators to help with language barrier both for Sales but especially in after sale Service dept.
That would save and make you additional money and set you apart from other China wholesalers.
Biggest on my Wish List= US Warehouse like TMart has to stock not all things, but to stock quick sellers/specials/etc. Being able to order something and know I will have it in around 1 week is big deciding factor on purchases.

3.which gift do u want for the third ground?

This gorgeous Olight MXX-UT Javelot
I need that light! Smile

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Communication on this forum is pretty good.


Better product discriptions would be good.


Skilhunt H02 Smile

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1. the feed back to our requests is good
2. even lower prices Smile
3. sunwayman d40a or f40a

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I’m in for the giveaway and here’s what I think.

1-You have a very good selection of goods and you
work very well with BLF members.

2-Aquire more brand name , hi-power led flashlights.

3—A quality brand name ,very high power LED
flashlight with good batteries and decent charger
*OR*—a setup where the winner gets to pick their
own prize (from multiple choices) for the 3rd round

Happy Holidays to all and Thanks for the Giveaway

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1 Doing ok
2 More batteries
3 Klarus XT30



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I think Banggood has done pretty good at beating the prices of competitors. I specifically like the function to directly exchange points into a discount on an order. I’d like to see a system to directly contact customer service using the website. These upcoming giveaways are really nice. I’d like to see a few sets of EVVA NCR18650BDs for the third round.

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1.where do you think banggood is worked good?

For me, definitely the cooperation on the Eagle Eye X6-SE group buy. You/BG stepped up to the plate big time and ordered hundreds of them before anyone even paid. Thanks for that!

2.where shoud we improve in the next year?

More amps…lol. Also nice to see you becomming a bit of a flashaholic yourself. Continue that and you will become invaluable to the flashlight world.

3.which gift do u want for the third ground?

Olight Javelot.

Thanks for the giveaway and your involvement here at BLF.

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