Banggood 2014 giveaway Olight i7R & Nitecore P12 NW BLF X6 $ ?? we have three winners:djozz , Joat, raccoon city

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Nite Shadow
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1. Active presence here on BLF, Group Buy, Email communication when there was a shipping delay.
2. Nothing that comes to mind right now.
3. An Olight i7R if I don’t win the first time around!

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1. Price match is nice. The BLF Deals thread.
2. Would like to see more Knives such as Sanrenmu, Enlan, and Ganzo.
3. Some kinda of AAA titanium light.
Thanks and Merry Christmas !!

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1. Excellent communication from you.
2. If items are not in stock, show that on website.
3. Acebeam K40M
Thanks for the giveaway, Merry Christmas.

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2. more high quality budget GB
3. Olight S30R

one year rookie

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1. Good customer support. Good prices. Good prices for li-ion batteries. Thanks for EE X6 light!
2. Some items need better description.
3. It would be good to have some powerful flashlight maybe Acebeam or similar.

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1. Deals and some decent price items.
2. Ship battery in a plastic battery case.
3. Olight S30R

Chicken Drumstick
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Count me in please.

Have bought RC stuff (heli’s & quads) from you as well as flashlights. No complaints.

Keep prices keen.

Maybe offer more brands and/or more opportunity for group buys with custom specs.

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1.where do you think banggood is worked good?

   Banggood has worked good to offer regular, good deals in the 'Deals Thread' here on BLF.

 2.where shoud we improve in the next year?

   Continue to build customer confidence with a good presence here at BLF.

3.which gift do u want for the third ground?

   I think the Nitecore EA41 would be a good gift.

4. member of BLF since on or before 12/20/2014 


5.winner out with the

 Random me baby!!



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1.where do you think banggood is worked good? First order from Banggood is my K40M. With those Discount price, simply i can not resist Smile

2.where shoud we improve in the next year? More DIY stuff such driver, host, AP lens etc

3.which gift do u want for the third ground? Jax Z1

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1. I like the variety of products.

2. Would like to see all of the warehouse prices become more even.

3. Nitecore TM26

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1. BG worked well on sending me my 3.7 to 5V converter. That’s the only thing I ordered until now… Also you guys have lots of good stuff.

2. You should offer NL Direct / Priority shipping for more products, thats one main reason for me to buy!

3. ROCHER M170 XML2 T6-4C

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1. BLF SPECIAL X6-SE group buy was very successful
2. True battery capacity of batteries, power banks and true lumen claims of flashlights would be nice
3. Opus-3100 charger

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1. Good range af products, desent shipping times.
2. More flashlight DIY products, shipping upgrade option to cardboardbox.
3. Surprise me.

Mike C
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1. Prices are the best I’ve seen on some items.
2. Better organized web page. Looking for DIY flashlight parts is a hassle. Under “Flashlight Accessories” then “Body Accessories” is a jumbled mix of hosts, emitters, reflectors etc etc in no particular order. I would like to see more DIY goodies.
3. A good charger like the Opus, but can see that it might be too much. The Convoy C8 is always a good giveaway. Useful for modders and first time flashlight owners alike.

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1. You have good amount of different items for sale.
2. Could the delivery times be improved – for free? :bigsmile:
3. Olight M2X-U

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1. good stuff for sale at competitive prices plus overall a rather smooth and friendly operation

2. pay more attention to packaging, it is not all about logistics, you should also consider customer satisfaction, examples: BLF X6 Special Edition gift box with sticky tape – making customers go AAARRRGH!, BLF host delivering all parts mixed in a bag – not happy,

3.AceBeam K40M already bought and recieved one for myself but would be nice as a gift to a flashoholic friend

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1.where do you think banggood is worked good? Overall very good. Ordered a few times and never had an issue yet.

2.where shoud we improve in the next year? I think ensuring that product specs are 100% correct and improving communications is where to focus your efforts.

3.which gift do u want for the third ground? something expensive? Ha Ha

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1. Never had a problem with orders before
2. Accurate descriptions
3. SKILHUNT-H02-Cree-XML2-5Mode-820-lumens-Headlamp-LED-Flashlight

This space intentionally left blank…..

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1.I have made several orders and I have no problem.

2.I would like to improve product descriptions

3. AceBeam K40M

Merry Christmas!!!!

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1. No problems, everything I ordered has arrived in very good time and as described, Satisfied customer

2. Better layout for finding what you want on the site when using an android device, or a button at the bottom of the screen to be able to view as full site rather than mobile site

3.Beer Smile if no beer due to posting restrictions, then an Acebeam K40M

Many thanks

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1. No issues

2. Accurate reflection of stock

3. Sunwayman D40A or silmilar


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1. Your customer service: I also brought several items in the passed year. I’m impressed with your solution when I received the wrong Nitecore EA41.
2. I’d like to see more torch components.
3. Acebeam K40M or Olight S30R.

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1) Very happy with how the BLF X6SE GB went through, even with minor glitches. My order arrived in 10 days from purchase date. Shocked Great job on your end Neal.

2) More care on packaging side for product protection for delivery. Please continue your competitive pricing.

3) NITECORE P36 CREE MT-G2 2000LM ….. would be nice. Love

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1. Great deals, wide range of flashlights, good after sale service. Around 30 orders last year, only one issue and good customer attention to solve it.

2. improve the shipping packaging

3. Fenix LD50.

Thanks for the giveaways!!!

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1.where do you think bang good is worked good? Good job with the BLF group buy. Nice selection.

2.where should we improve in the next year? More DIY stuff for flashlight modding like drivers, true AR lens, more hosts. Also confirm my email!!! When I first tried, I kept getting an error from the site. Now if I send send email to confirm, I never get an email. I’ve placed orders through you, it should be confirmed!

3.which gift do u want for the third ground? A Maxtoch light to me

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Thanks for the giveaways

1. A lot of variety of flashlight item

2. Better income check on some product that you

3. Reliable Headlamp (Xtar or similar)

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- A wide and varied range of flashlights from the low cost until premium brand

- I would, among DIY products, greater variety of leds at better prices

JETBeam RRT02 CREE XM-L2(T6) 780LM Magnetic Control LED Flashlight

Many thanks, banggood

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1.Banggood has interest in the BLF forum, and tries to please.

2.Offer more high current flashlight Drivers. Silly


4. member of BLF since on or before 12/20/2014

5.winner out with the


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1. Large selection of quality flashlights available at good prices
2. Offer a larger selection of flashlight parts and accessories
3. The round three gifts: Nitecore P12 and two BLF X6-SE

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Count me in. Too

1. Goods prizes

2. more motolights

3. Any Nitecore