"Steamed Buns" - is this really 20000 mAh?

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"Steamed Buns" - is this really 20000 mAh?

I got this in an email. Can this really have 20000 mAh capacity?


20000 Mah Steamed Buns General Mile Power Supply Charging Po Power Bank

Item specifics:
Input: 5V——1A
Output: 5V——2.1A
Output: 5V——1A
Size: L110XD65XH23mm

Color: Black,White,Pink,Green,Blue

Item Feature:
1) Grade PC plastic shell, elegant
2) 20000mAh high – capacity lithium ion battery core, can provide electricity for the 5-8 block of common saturated lithium battery
3) Dual USB output, at the same time of multi equipment power supply
4) Is durable, charge discharge cycle more than 500 times
5) Intelligent control, microcomputer intelligent monitoring and display power
6) Auto sleep, non working state auto sleep, prevent loss of power
7) A machine can apply to all with USB charging equipment, such as all kinds of mobile phones, IPOD, MP3, MP4, IPHONE, GPS, Bluetooth, digital camera etc..
8) Plug and play, using USB port power supply output, inserted on the data lines to achieve portability and charged at any time
9) Special piano baking varnish craft creating a beautiful appearance and extraordinary texture

Item advantages:
1, Safe and Reliable: the use of intelligent line, the realization of the three heavy protection system security, American mobile power supply technology and intelligent control circuit (charge control, charging protection, discharge protection, overload protection, short circuit protection)
2, Strong Compatibility, high performance price ratio: whenever and wherever possible to market a variety of brand mobile phone, MP3, MP4 and so on the many kinds of portable digital products can also charge iPhone iPad. power supply or charge, multi use of one machine, save time and money.
3, Small Size, beautiful shape fashion: fashion sense of metal appearance, elegant streamline design, feel comfortable, luxurious model and generous, work excellence, elegant fashion, easy to carry out.

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My niece had a similar one, longer 8cells version also claimed to have 20000mA

Opened up after she seek for my help, found unnamed cells, further testing with imax charger, eight 1,100mAh 18650s. YMMV Smile

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Excuse me. I didn’t hear what you said. Was that SteamedFire 20000 mAh? :bigsmile:

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Steamed buns is probably a subsidiary of uranusfire

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It could if it had 6 3400mAh Panasonics in it, but if the measurements are correct that would leave no room for the electronics and no seperation between cells.

No way would it have those cells for $12.20.

Steamed Buns!! Too funny.

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Take any rated Chinese mAh and multiply by .3 this will more than likely give you a more realistic mAh rating

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Chinese cells + cell pack in back pants pocket = Steamed Buns? Shocked

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Yes, it’s 20,000 mAh. Oh, and I have a couple of nice bridges and a lovely tower in Paris that you might also like to buy.