Over 900,000 lux!!!

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Over 900,000 lux!!!

haha .. Since your here, how far away do I need to hold the flashlight to get a good relative reading I could compare to other flashlights? I have lux meter app on an iPhone 6+. 


I my put my recently returned monster light with an older bin t6/ SMO p60 right on the phone and it jumped over 900,000 lol.. A foot away it reads 11,500 and at 1 foot my sk68 clone reads 4,000. the further away it goes the more those numbers drop, some people say 3'? I have a pretty good screen protector on the phone too.

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1 meter away from the lux meter is the standard distance.

For bigger lights you need to take the lux reading at longer distance and calculate it back to 1 meter to be more accurate.