Counterfeit 3000mAh Sony battery (Unwrapped)

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Counterfeit 3000mAh Sony battery (Unwrapped)

Hello there,
For the heck of it it I decided to order one of those counterfeit Sony 18650’s to actually see what was behind that wrapping and to see what performance such a counterfeit battery would deliver, so I placed an order of such a battery on a chinese site. A few weeks later the battery arrived, I charged it up using my Ultrafire Wf139 to see how it would actually perform, actually not too bad but below the rated specs and that is for sure.

So I removed the wrapping of the battery, and I wasn’t surprised when I saw the condition of the actual cell itself. It was all scratched up, and full of dentures..

As you can see here the top of the battery is kind of corroded, and the marking is kind of unregcognizable:

I removed the pads attached to the battery at the negative pool:

I removed the piece of metal soldered to the top too, and this was what was below the metal:

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re-wrapped laptop pull FTW.

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How do you know it was a fake before you even bought one?

I’m curious since I bought a lot of batteries off eBay and Amazon.

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easy to conclude its fake.
sony,panasonic,sanyo,ect do not market 18650’s to end users….PERIOD!
that looks to be an older panasonic cell.
luck of the draw junk barrel as to whether you get something usefull.

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Who was the seller?